I've marked guys who i think will hit the open market come Feb. 15th 2013 in Edmonton:

  • (OL) Brian Ramsay
  • (DE) Lee Robinson
  • (REC) Tyler Scott
  • (OL) Dylan Steenbergen
  • (DB) Chris Thompson
  • (DL) Julius Williams
  • (DB) Rod Williams

This free agent list is NOT that good. Other then a few QB's. Alot of these guys are likely resigning with their current clubs. Trades are more likely to happen this year then last.

Any signing though can be important and is worth watching.

Two seasons sure go by fast. I'm looking forward to the news in the offseason way more than last year at this time.

For any team looking to improve NI talent and generate a pass rush, Ricky Foley solves both problems with one signing. Foley is clearly the best Canadian FA this year, not to mention one of the top DEs in the CFL.

Can't believe Toronto didn't extend him last off season, but then again the Argos completely wasted his pass rush ability for the past two years by having him drop into coverage. For much of the past season, Foley even had to split time with an undrafted CIS rookie and a 3rd year rush end who has ZERO sacks in his career.

Of course when it came playoff time, Ego Jones finally had no choice but to leave his best defensive player on the field when the ships were down and look what happened - - Foley sets the tone early for the entire Grey Cup, and is named Top Canadian. Right before free agency - - timing couldn't have been better.

Who are you? His Agent?


A defensive end with 3 sacks and he wonders why he wasn't extended.

You think Foley is better than Jeff Perret and Shawn Gore? Keep Dreamin'. Dyakowski and Eric Fraser are better as well.

He's a 30 year old Defensive End who in 7 seasons, has eclipsed 6 sacks only once.

Can't expect a DE to get sacks when he's being dropped into coverage or splitting time with a couple of stiffs.

No different than if Montreal decided to run the option and only pass five times a game - - and then wondering why Calvillo didn't put up 5,000yds passing.

Watch what happens when Foley gets 18 games where he's allowed to be a DE and isn't being rotated out for half the snaps.

Corey Mace is no longer available after being re-signed by Calgary.

Foley's not even the best NI FA from his own team. I'd take Joe Eppele or Cedric Gagne-Marcoux over Foley. Foley is a complete bust and hasn't done jack since signing in Toronto and barely did anything in BC. He has 20 career sacks in six and a half seasons. That's horrible for a supposed pass rusher. Also, from what I understand, the guy is a complete jerk. I'll pass on him.

Someone at another forum said Area51 is Foley's brother - maybe he can confirm or deny that for us.

Do you have a source for that information?

Joe Eppele and Cedric Gagne Marcoux? Hard to take you seriously with comments like that...

Midway through last year Toronto decided Eppele wasn't working out on the OLine so they moved him over to the DLine to see if he might be able to play there because he couldn't cut it at G. Even with the OLine struggling as bad as it was, Toronto decided Eppele wasn't good enough to play. Only after Wayne Smith got hurt, they moved him back to G out of desperation.

Any idea what happened to Marcoux last year? Argos benched him for a few games early in the year and then mumbled something about him being "hurt". After week 8 he was never around the team again. Why do you think the Argos sent him home? Must have been a really serious "injury".

I am the source. You can quote me on it.

Right now the two most sought after non import FA IMO are Jeff Perrett and Shawn Gore.

I would be stunned if Gore gets to free agency. He's developed nicely for the Lions, he's their best NI right now IMO, and they will need young receivers as Bruce and Simon continue to get older.

He might get to free agency because he's going to try to get an NFL opportunity. He got a shot with the Packers the year he was drafted, so he might get a second bite at the NFL apple. I could see him reaching the open market and I think the Argos would be in play. They could use some receiver and non-import help, and signing Gore would kill two birds with one stone. And he's from the area so he might want to "go home" like Fantuz and LaBatte did last year. Don't be surprised if Gore is in double blue next year. [url=] ... f=3&t=1822[/url]

Can't find anything that Mace has resigned, however here is a couple of links/articles in cowtown.
Mace could be expected to resign with Calgary, but then again may end up in B.C. come/after Feb.15th too.

Apparently Rob Maver has re-signed with the Stamps: