CFL Free Agency 2014

I hear the Cats are trying to negotiate with a few players available from the Cats for Free Agency come February 15, 2014 but good thing their list isn't as extensive as many teams in the CFL.

CFL Link of List ... gents-list

However of the players we do have left available, I would think Jamal Johnson, Marc Beswick, Simoni Lawrence and Kevin Scott would be the ones to re-sign, Scott because he's our long snapper and friends with Justin Medlock having played together before in Hamilton. However with Johnson although I would like to see him back in Hamilton, I not sure if he would be interested and may opt out for another team, maybe closer to his home in Vancouver and back with B.C. again or another team?

The one good thing is we have plenty of LB talent with the Cats and the CFL soon to be available, I would like to see Lawrence re-signed as well but other good possibilities at line backer would be free agents Robert McCune of the Argo's, Shea Emery Montreal, DB Craig Butler of Sask, DB Patrick Watkins of Toronto and DB Jordan Younger of Toronto, All good players and tough, hard hitting (This list maybe outdated from the CFL but I don't think these players have been signed)

What do Tiger-Cat fans think, who would you go after?

Is Plesius ready to step into a starting role?
Could be a ratio buster.

Ted Laurent is an interesting free agent. He’s a Canadian DT who attended Ole Miss… Coach Austin was the OC at the same university. At 6’1" 303 with 3 years experience, he not only can plug the middle but alter the ratio on the Dline. A rotation of Bulcke, Laurent, Hazime, and possibly Atkinson would give us solid Canadian Dts. The salary cap hit might be an issue but there may be space with the number of vets who have left i.e. Hage, Hank, Stala.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Love, love, love the idea of Ted Laurent. If you can have a solid 4 man rotation at the 2 DT's with NI's ... that does wonders as far as the ratio.

The other guy they should be looking at in the same vein is David Lee with Toronto. He's build more like Hazime than Bulcke. Plays along the line @ DE & DT. Solid rotational guy.

Bulcke, Hazime, Laurent, Lee ... That'd be a solid, ratio busting unit for years.

This link gets updated fairly quickly.

I not so sure I would trade JJ for McCune. McCune is a beast and maybe a better run stuffer than JJ but He can't play cover or sideline to sideline as well as JJ. Now if there was some way to get and keep them both.

I know he has NFL hopes but i got a crazy feeling were gonna sign Henoc Muamba. We saved some money going with Collaros and with not resigning JJ we'd be able to offer him a sweet deal :cowboy:

When you click on FenderGuy's link and then click on Henoc Muamba's name,they give you the bio and stats for his brother Cauchy instead of Henoc's. :roll:

Interesting theory there "waterloowilly" I have to admit that when it came to FA I never thought of the possibility of Muamba coming here,would be sweet if the Cats could pull that off,with Plesius already on board it would give us great Cdn depth at the Linebacker position.Realistically though,I think it's a long shot,as he is hoping for the NFL and barring that,I would think that the Bombers will do everything in their power to resign Muamba,as he is a fan favorite in the Peg and one of their very few bright lights on that dreary team,who can be considered a building block for the future.But you never know? crazier things have happened lately,like us signing that kid from Toronto,goes by the name of Collaros :smiley: :slight_smile: :cowboy:

How the Cats decide to go on the ratio this season,will no doubt,dictate who they will attempt to sign,and at what positions in FA for next season.The ratio currently as it stands right now has us seeing the 7 Cdn starters at 2 rec(Fantuz,Giguere)3 O.L.(Wojt,Dyakowski???,O'Neill???)DT(Bulcke)S(Stephen).With Medlock resigning as our kicker,and being American,the Cats can still have 3 D.I.'s on the game day by possiby replacing either FA starters(Johnson-mlb,Davis-dt)with a Cdn starter,thus going with a starting 24 consisting of Q.B/8 Cdn/15 Imp.The remainder of the game day 42 would be 2 Q.B/1 k/15 back-ups(12Cdn/3 designated imp).So with this in mind the 3 FA that the Cats hopefully are targeting are DL Laurent and Lee and LB Muamba,anyone of these three would give us tremendous roster flexibility and amazing Cdn player depth.I really don't think that J.J will be back,and Davis while I like him a lot,if they can replace him with a capable,competent Cdn to go along with Bulcke inside,it will give the team tremendous rotation for the interior of the line,with Hazime being the other tackle and possibly Atkinson or Nadon and Fortin rotating in as well.As for the LB situation,if Muamba,somehow signs on here,it would give the team a powerful one two punch with Plesius already here at the traditionally usual import MLB position.This current edition of this team has impressed me with the depth at all positions and the utilizing of all available personal at their disposal along with how Austin has structured his team's roster flexibility.

Pattilynch, great idea didn't think of Ted Laurent but that makes sense after hearing about the connection to Austin at Ole Miss.

In regards to comments on JJ, I agree a trade wouldn't work for McCune, but this is Free Agency not a trade and I said although I would like to see JJ back in Hamilton, if he were to sign on with another team, a player like McCune may be an option. What I like about McCune is age, plus aggressive style of play to fill the gap.

There is currently 71 players total that are set to become FA's,divide that by 9 teams and it works out to almost 8 per team.I'm thinking that the next 2-3 weeks are going to be very interesting to see who goes where,who doesn't resign and who departs for the NFL. I originally stated my FA wish list on a previous thread(Cdn rec and fb)but have since changed my view on this due to the aquisition's of several Cdn recievers via trade by the team.As far as the Cats 6 remaining FA are concerned I feel we will resign at least 3 of them(ls-K.Scott/lb-M.Beswick/S.Lawrence)and most likely not resign Congi for sure as well as J.J and T.Davis. My thinking here is these two positions (DT/MLB)will be the key to how the Cats utilize the ratio for this year.If the Cats can go with a d-line of 2imp ends/2cdn tackles(Laurent),or perhaps a Cdn MLB(Muamba)the flexibility of the roster will increase by leaps and bounds.I also would like to see the team take a run at signing Watkins to further solidify a young secondary.So basically my wish list would be DT-Laurent,MLB-Muamba,DB-Watkins along with Cat returnees Beswick,Lawrence and Scott. I guess we will see how things turn out in the next couple of weeks,can't wait,cause it's about to get very interesting around the league,seeing who lands where and with what team.

Is anybody wondering/worrying about
Simoni Lawrence
Marc Beswick
Torrey Davis
Kevin Scott

For some reason I don't think Jamall Johnson is coming back unless at a bargain

CFL Official Feed ?@CFL 11m
BREAKING: The @WPG_BlueBombers have released linebacker @HenocMuamba so he can pursue NFL opportunities.

Bad news for Bombers.

I believe it was mentioned somewhere last week (Scratching Post?) that Lawrence was going to try out with some NFL teams.

Hopefully the Cats can re-sign him but at least they haven’t released him outright for NFL tryouts… yet.

I want the Ticats to re-sign LB Lawrence and DT Davis, and also to sign LB Emry, DT Laurent and DB Watkins.

Sorry I should have been more clear. I wasn't suggesting a formal trade of players, simply that releasing or losing JJ to FA and signing McCune as a replacement, or however it could occur(including I guess a formal player for player trade) has it's disadvantages IMO. Much like in 2012, Kevin Glenn went to Calgary from Hamilton, and Hank came to Hamilton from Calgary. It wasn't a formal player for player trade, but in effect the teams traded QBs.

It was a formal player trade.

From Hamilton, Kevin Glenn + Mark DeWitt + conditional pick


Henry Burris

[url=] ... ith-ticats[/url]

Huh, that's not how I remembered it. I stand corrected.

Here are some Free Agents from the CFL that the Toronto Sun say could be ratio breakers given the fact that they are all Canadian and starters and be great for any team to pick up, The Tiger-Cats should go after these guys and sign em up.

Toronto Sun
Regardless, there are still quite a few big names out there with less than a week to go, including three Canadian players who would be ratio breakers if other teams can get their hands on them.

Montreal Alouettes left tackle Josh Bourke, Saskatchewan Roughriders linebacker Craig Butler and Edmonton Eskimos defensive tackle Ted Laurent are three names to watch leading up to the deadline. All three are starters at positions not normally occupied by Canadians, and therefore they would be worth a lot of money if they get to free agency on Tuesday.

Other notable players who are still unsigned include quarterbacks Drew Willy (Saskatchewan) and Josh Neiswander (Montreal), receiver Nick Moore (B.C.), non-import linebacker Shea Emry (Montreal).

Butler would be a wicked addition. if he hasn't resigned with the Riders by now hes probably going to test the free agent market. He's a London boy and Played for his hometown Western. It would make sense he's looking at the Cats the same way Fantuz did :cowboy: