CFL Free Agency 2012 - Winners and Losers

BC will be fine. They put up 515 points last year and look at the rest of their division...

Banks, Marsh, Crawford, Phillips, Shell, Reddick.... I am not too concerned about the Leos' secondary.

I wish mgt could have hung onto Hunt, but they were upfront with him about a reduced role this year (ergo, reduced pay), so I can't blame him for bolting. That said, the club still has Keron Williams, Khalif Mitchell, Eric Taylor, and Khreem Smith along the D-line with potentially Brent Johnson still coming back and a couple of great prospects in Rajon Henley and Teryl White.

As for Elimimian, yes, his loss will be felt, but the club has a lot of depth a linebacker and either Anton McKenzie or Adam Leonard will take that MLB spot, assuming Solly sticks down south. And from what I am hearing, he's going to really have to make an impression. No signing bonus (contrary to what was reported earlier) and he's under-sized.

at least your teams played the game of free agency a bit... As a stamps fan, it was pretty boring. One signing of an auzzie kicker... one re-singing... and four other free agents they just didnt bother making offers to.

Riders made big improvements to their Offensive Line.

that is huge!

sure they lost Fantuz.. but in reality it's not as huge as you think.

they have two good Canadian Receivers, Getzlaf and Rob Bagg.

what's so bad about that?

they'll be fine!

Bagg is a huge question mark. No one will know until he's actually on the field again whether he's lost a step or two from the knee surgeries he had.

The grand prize winner of course is the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Everything else is just off-season drivel taking up data banks.

Now go ahead and lock the thread.

You have to wait until free agency is over before you can determine a "winner". First of all, teams still haven't had their free agent camps in the states, and those separate the great teams from the mediocre ones. Secondly, it remains to be seen what are the salary cap repercussions of the multitude of signings made by teams. Lastly, just because a team has been throwing its cash around selflessly doesn't mean they're actually improving. Usually it's the low key moves that end up making the biggest difference.

Still lost a ratio changer Allstar receiver. The two linesmen replace NI. Still short one primo Canadian. Bagg is untested from his injury.

At this point, I'd say Edmonton did well offensively, not so well defensively.

I would say they also did well in the kicking game.

To Chief:

How can you say that Edmonton did well offensively?
They went from a QB who has a career rating of 96.1%,thrown 210 TD,s and 130 Int,s to a QB with a career rating of 81.7%,who has thrown 31 TD.s and 29 Int,s. One of the worst QB in 2011.
From a receiver with 1,477 receiving yards,in the past 2 years,to receivers of 1,216 yards and 400 yards in the past 2 years.
Simeon Rottier is an average offensive lineman. Paid as an All-Star by Tillman. The Alex Bauman of 2012.

When he did trade Ricky Ray,basically to generate cap space, he was sure that he would be able to sign Fantuz and LaBatte. He was wrong.

I would worry is I was an Eskimos' fan.


Shall read Chris Bauman and not Alex. re:previous post.


Maybe Edmonton plans to build their offence around Rottier running the fumbleruski. If they can get Rottier 7 to 10 touches each game and he puts up a dozen TDs, the Edmonton offence might be ok this year.

Monday feb 27th 1:46pm Montreal Canadiens trade Plekanec, Weber, Leblanc and 1st rnder to Anaheim for Ryan Getzlaf. Thank Ryan calls Chris and tells him to demand a trade to come be closer to him. Alouettes trade there 1st rnd pick and Bomben to the Roughriders for Chris Getzlaf....

THAN I WOKE UP!! :roll:

The topic is discussing free agency, not the entire off-season. In free agency, Edmonton picked up a couple good receivers, a good kicker, and some o-line help. I'd say we did well. :thup:

Jason Barnes, while good, won't be a huge loss, especially with the additions of Carr and Koch. Also, Tillman's said from the start he had no plans to sign Fantuz.

I appreciate your concern, but I'm not worried.

Toronto wins with Hamilton a close second.

Who is going to beat B.C. , in the WEST?

I'd say Cal/Ed/Sask. will challenge the Lions; B.C. is the Top Dog and once again will host the West Final I'd say. As for Winners and Losers in Free Agency; I believe teams take care of their needs for the most part in wake of changes.

What drugs are you on? Hamilton wins by several lengths.

What drugs are YOU on? As far as I'm concerned, any team in the East can conceivably be 1st with the way things are shaping up (although I'm hesitant about putting any money on Winnipeg at this point, to be honest).

But this is about free agency, Toronto didn't make nearly as big of a splash as Hamilton made. The Ray deal was a trade, same with the Burris deal. Hamilton picking up AF makes them the winner, let alone picking up many other valuable pieces to maybe make them a winner, Toronto picked up Barnes, JJ, re-signed a few of there good players, but no where near what Hamilton did IMO.