CFL franchises will profit more than '16 toronto blue jays

Last word. Blue Jays make 2 million. BC probably more than 8 million.

what # is larger? ______. yes so BC lions will make more money than Blue Jays this season.

I don't care about your #'s. its irrelevant buddy. If the blue jays cut 50 mill on salaries then they would likely have made money but thats not the issue here is it?

thats like saying the winnipeg jets, quebec nordiques moved cause they lost money but no they didn't. they just had more expenses than revennue.

think before you type

Yeah you must be right. I should take your word for it on the Mets ratings instead of Nielsen ratings who measure TV ratings in the USA. Your ass is clearly a much more reliable source. :roll:

And you are probably right the 1,000,000 per game the Jays averaged this season for Jays games - it makes perfect sense only 10% watching are local. Everybody knows there are more Toronto fans in other provinces than in Toronto. :roll:

Oh and Access - please remember after your next post to …

Travel let me get this straight.

You just said there are 1 million people watching the Blue Jets and they are from Toronto? Lets say by your mental state you mean 50% of the 1 mill so 500,000.... nope nope nope. you might even have meant to say 20% so lets go with that. 200,000 from Toronto.

And only 100,000 in an area of New York and Connecticut and New Jersey who watch New York Mets games only attract 100,000 and lets say 75,000 (i'm laughing right now so hard) are from new york city?

Wow if that is the case. and if anyone believes you. Then 1) Toronto Blue Jays are the most impressive sports franchise in the world. And that only lol lol 100,000 people are watching new york mets. when the new york giants make up of 1.5 million of giants broadcast viewership. lol

and amazingly the New York Rangers hockey team get more viewers for their games than the Mets. One of New Yorks most popular sports team. Amazing.

i'm going to tell the ppl in new york that Toronto is the greatest sports town in the world and its amazing how many people watch the Blue Jays FROM TORONTO.

get real

Where did I say ANY of that - oh brainless one. I was talking about ratings for regional sports networks that cover their teams - and Sportsnet is the Jays ‘regional network’ So all 1,000,000 average audience who watch Jays games on Sportsnet count as the Jays ‘regional Audience’. The biggest regional audience in the MLB. In other words - the market from which revenue is generated from.

And Nielsen ratings at the link I provided (NOT ME - and not your ass) report the average rating for a 2016 Mets games on SNY was 215,000 households (and the standard industry multiplier for viewers per household is 2.5). Do the math. Oh I guess I need to do that for you. That works out to an average audience of 537,000. And that’s it. A number about half of the Jays viewership numbers. What part of that can’t you get your tiny head wrapped around?

Go upstairs and ask for your Mom’s help if you don’t understand the big numbers.

Wow, this Access_Moron guy is a piece of work. I've seen all kinds of trolls over the years, one thing they've all had in common is they make a habit of taking a position that goes against the views of one faction within a forum. Access_Moron on the other hand is a brand new species of troll. The scientific term for this rare breed is "Trollii Boosterius". He is the only troll I know that plies his trade by actually boosting the topic of the a ridiculous and insane level. That doesn't make him less dangerous though, as he makes all CFL fans sound stupid and delusional by entertaining his nonsense. Time to ban him and get back to serious debates, this silly farce is distracting and aggravating those of us with brain cells...

Part of me also thinks Access is mocking us.

Access may be a overly-passionate about his beliefs but at least he talks about the CFL on this main CFL forum, unlike the majority of Rogers-apologists here who spout continual drivel about Toronto baseball or soccer (sorry futbol) teams, then launch personal attacks against anyone who dares question Rogers, Canada's Evil-Corp.

The facts are the CFL is likely the most successful sports league in the world. It's been widely reported that 8 of the 9 CFL teams had an operating profit last year (Commissioner Cohon said the Argos will be profitable too, with the increased TV contract...even Rogers-Madani said the Argos break-even point was 18,000 fans with all the new revenue streams generated at BMO). That's a goal many NBA, NHL or MLB teams could only dream of, paying their journeymen steroid/HGH pumped prima-dona's millions of dollars to pout about how they've been slighted by their higher-ups. :?

Yep , :rockin: :rockin:

My opinion, Access is no troll. There isn’t anything he brought up that we have not at least thought of ourselves. The CFL Forum site is suppose to be entertaining and it is definitely more so with him. On this site, someone brings an idea forward and you either side with him or you don’t. Controversial ideas and comments on here just add to the entertainment value. He challenged some of the Rogers. MLS, B.J. fans on the Forum and that is right to do so.

I'm good with having different OPINIONS with other posters when each of us support our opinions with real facts.

When somebody repeatedly posts nothing but pure fiction in support of their opinions - which is all Access has ever done in multiple threads about the CFL and other sports leagues - then we should all continue to call him out on it. I certainly will. I give him/her zero credit - because that is what he/she deserves. I will continue to correct the fiction.

If your son lies all the time about others and gets called out on it by his teacher do you tell the teacher 'but it's OK he lies and says fake bad things about others because he says really nice things all the time about me and his Mom - so he's OK - because we really like to hear our kid say good things about us'.

Because basically that is the equivalent of what anybody supporting Access's fiction over various threads the last few days is doing.

Fact checking Access is like the job fact checkers have had with Donald Trump. A surprise when something is actually true.

Not surprising that you would love him and his posts, after all he makes stuff up, never provides any links to back anything up.
And just like you, he hates the NFL, Jays, TFC, Raptors and any other sport that is not the CFL. It’s kind of sad when the only sport that you care about is the CFL and then you can’t say one good thing about the CFL unless you are bad mouthing the other sports… :thdn:

just because you have no idea how anything works in real life outside of a message board. let me know when you change. your posts are dribble cause you have proven to be clueless.

slimjim you have posted links that had nothing to do with the actual topic. i can't even keep up with you anymore. take a break and come back next week for playoffs.

stay away for a while.

If I created thread after thread talking about how Rogers is the single greatest thing to exist for the CFL, and how the TigerCats are the most profitable sports franchise on planet Earth, without evidence, I'd get banned from this forum. Yet this guy gets a blank cheque, nice. Hmm...maybe I should create them...expect 5 threads/day from me now, folks!!

How do I change my forum handle to Riders_Media??

because you have no idea what you are talking about ridefan. I never stated any of those as facts anyway. All I can confirm is that all CFL franchises are making $$ this season and more than the Blue Jays.



Having expenses great than revenue is literally the definition of losing money.

Wow! Noone can possibly be this unbelievably stupid, this HAS to be blatant trolling. If you genuinely believe your own crap, then the only people dumber have to be the people who don’t think you’re a troll! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Can you all just stop acting like 5 year olds and give it a rest already??

I love it. You get upset when someone trashes other leagues, but it’s ok to trash the CFL. And when you trash the Argos or any other team in the league , you trash the CFL. :roll:

You can’t find one post where I “trashed” the CFL. I never trashed the Argos either - my negative comments all come down to the lack of interest in the CFL in Toronto.
When you point out to people that there is lack of interest in the CFL in Toronto and it probably won’t get better next season is that “trashing the CFL” or pointing out reality?
I have never said one bad thing or negative post about the Argos as a team.
I bought a mini-package to BMO this year and witnessed the lack of interest in Toronto.
I also had a mini-package to Ottawa and witnessed first hand the interest in football there.

I wonder how many of the “negative” posters on here that like to trash the other leagues, have actually paid to go to a CFL game. Trashing the TFC, the Jays, the NFL doesn’t make you a loyal CFL fan