CFL Forum's Best Grey Cup Game Tournament (Pool 91-100)

OK everybody, we have gone through 100 Grey Cups, and I think that it is time to decide which is the best. Although most of us having been around for all of them, we have all heard about classics even if they happened before we were born (Mud Bowl, Fog Bowl) so we do have some knowledge of games before our time.

How the tournament will work is that we will start with 10 pools (GC 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 etc.). In each pool, each user will get 2 votes. The 8 Grey Cups with the most votes will receive a bye to the "playoffs", and receive the 8 highest seeds, while the next 12 Grey Cups will be placed in a wild car poll for the 8 lowest seeds. We will then have the Grey Cups go through one on one match-ups until the best Grey Cup game is determined.

Note: All Polls will be open for one whole day starting from midnight-midnight eastern time

Note 2: If popular demand requests it I will change the bracket format to something that can rank the Grey Cups and not determine just the best

I have to go with the one that we actually won... in 07... although the 09 game was a great game... it will linger for a long time like the 76 GC game did.... :expressionless: