CFL Forum Server Slow?

I have reason to believe the servers and/or any given software have been acting up more for about a day.

The site is now markedly slower in performance including especially when going between threads or refreshing for new posts, including with heavy latency or failed loading of pages on more frequent occasions.

I’ve been on both a Windows PC and on Chromebook both via Chrome as well, so it’s not the network or the device.

Maybe this is something to look into via the server logs before an untimely crash?


Found the issue.


Uh Oh. Rodents chewing wires have caused enough chaos in some of our lives. :woozy_face:

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Server performance seems better today, so maybe they put a new cat in there in the server farm for night duty.

Whatever they did, the site is performing normally today but we shall see in the coming week.


Word is some AI spider may have been crawling and creeping through the servers over the weekend so as to slow down the whole operation.

That bojack arachnid appears to be gone now.

A few say it was the notorious Boris, who apparently is still up to his damn old tricks.

The CFL Forum Genius Sports Chatbot and friends will remain on the lookout.