CFL Forum Poll: What Will You Do This Autumn If No CFL Season?

What Will You Do This Autumn If No CFL Season?
  • More Fishing and Hunting
  • Break Up / Divorce / New Lady / New Guy
  • Get A New Pet
  • Blame My Pet / Get Rid of A Pet
  • Drink A Lot More (specify favourites)
  • Buy A New Grill
  • Build An Addition Onto My Residence
  • Build A New Toolshed
  • Build My Mancave / She-Shed
  • Blame The Kids
  • Start A New Band
  • Upgrade My Garage
  • Trick Out A Car
  • Buy A Tractor
  • Go South To Florida

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NFL baby. Although it is going to break my football heart if Brees does retire.

before that, NHL playoffs and AFL.

A new driveway and the yard re landscaped.

Maybe, if doable, a road trip through BC with my wife in the new truck.

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Well of course folks will watch the NFL regardless, so that's why I did not include it as a choice.

But road trip - good one there and may you enjoy in that new truck too!

Ah new driveway and new landscaping good stuff too

Get ready for a heartbreak. Brees should retire. His arm is shot

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I hope there’s football this summer. Another year with no football, is a bad idea. Lots of vaccines now, no reasons not to have at least 1/2 the stadium full.


has anyone said that beside media?

See for yourself. He can't zip the ball on intermediate pass range. Forget about long range throws. Payton subs Brees out for a stronger arm in Jameis Winston. He throws a lot short passes. Brees is toast

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I saw him make many good long throws and fast throws this past season. NO doesnt play much of a long ball game, and he may not be the strongest, but still capable.

if he retires now, it is not because he hast to but because he wants to.

Brees is done once Payton started to let Winston QB in passing plays more than 20 yards. He doesn't have the arm strength anymore

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This debate is giving me some ideas for a future poll. Once these wheels start turning I usually figure out something for our slow times.

I blame the kids. I don’t have kids, but I blame them Kids in the Hall fellas.
Better than building a shed.

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dare I hope

Trainer hints Drew Brees could return in workout video | Yardbarker

Oh that's tremendous fitness especially in one's early 40s. But how about his arm now? As in PRO QB arm?

FYB I'd bet now against Brees pulling a Brady though he is past what Peyton Manning could accomplish when a few years younger.

Dave is right - he can't throw long with zip any more - not even those wobblers like Peyton Manning it would appear, and quackers are not an option in any league. That means his days are about over for pro football.

Only the doctors and the team really know the real drill, and I do not buy the press reports. Come summer we will hear of either a retirement or we shall see Brees go through the final litmus test in September in real game action.

Brees will not however be afforded more time now, as he would have been given since joining the Saints and defying incredible odds to beat a shoulder injury in his early career in order to do so, to recover from any slow start.

Sure I would hope to be wrong and for Brees to make yet another miracle unnamed comeback that it would be given his past season's performance injury or otherwise, but I would not bet on that proposition at all.

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I think a healthy Brees is still better than you think.

If it were me, I would not want to end a great career with one of his worst played games. If it were me, I would want to prove that I still had a good arm and would be quitting by choice, not by lack of ability. If it were me, I would want a do over.

If healthy, I believe there is a good chance that Brees would want one more year.

Might be his wife decides, sort of. If she tells him she doesnt want him to risk anymore injury, which I wouldnt blame her, he probably would not, even if he wants to.

If his wife says to him that she is 100% behind his choice, and if he is healthy, then I would give his coming back 50/50

Last call for weighing in here as things otherwise are looking up ...

Well now it looks like we will have something perhaps? Anyway, we can't end this on a tie between Drink A Lot More and More Fishing and Hunting, but I figure those are going to happen anyway come spring at hand in much of the US already now and soon in Canada and come autumn.

Anybody else have something to say with a vote as well?