CFL Forum Awards

Well the New Year is fastly approaching, and I think that it is time to bring back the Fan Forum Awards. To pay respects to the great, knowledgable posters on this forum.
Please post on... The most knowledgable, most annoying, and favourite poster on this forum.

My Picks

Knowledgeable - Turkeybend
Most Annoying - Static and his "see you guys later, NFL is on now" post
(not trashing you, just that post)
favorite - Saskargo

Honorable mentions to Kanga Kucha, Drumming God and All of the Mods

Most knowledgeable.....BigDave
Most annoying.....sorry Kanga, you know it's gotta be you.....
Favourite.....hmmm.....tough call.....might revisit that one later on.....

Honourable mentions to most everyone else on the site.....hey, if you contribute positively to the CFL fan base, you can't be all bad, right??

No worrys Jm02!

Knowledgeble: Thrid and Ten (This guy should be the fan rep on TSN's Friday Night Football!)
Annorying: Turkeybend (but he means well)
Favoite: HT
Biggest Rival: Billysoup
best VGCC man ever: Big dave and 514mtl

Honourable metions: gades, xgamer, ugly and hasty, Roughyfan, Steve-O, Zartan, argotom, RLR, Als Molson, Ro1313, Canukey,Geo, Musgyboy, Greenandwhite, Tvor, D god,RedandWhite and Red2k5, whatdoesittake, Earl, Peter, Saskargo, Elmer (Grandpa), Drumheller, Iruka-Koara, High five, Sportsmen, ORR, Supersmith, eeks123, Ekylo, Sunnywade, Kobekid, Papazoola, jm02, Staik, BleedBlue&Gold, hankthetank, and all the rest of the Bomber crew (WE ALL LIVE IN A BLUE BOMBER! A BLUE BOMBER! A BLUE BOMBER!) and anybody I don't measion.

I'm sorry if I don't meantion your name when I should, I have a bad memory when it comes to names.

We are all the CFL familty! and just looking at that long list which is still growing tells me I've been on here way too long.

I didn't know that was possible


most annoying : turkeybend ( i agree with kanga )
biggest hater who contributes absolutly nothing: saskargo
wierdest obsession with cartoon animations : redandwhite2005

Favorite weekly article: argotom's ratings updates
newcommer of the year: drumming_god ( thank u )
ultimate fan of the year : third and ten

The awards go to all who have a sense of humour and don't get too personal with anyone in a negative way.

Nothing personal Turk, it was either you or me that was gonna get voted off this island, and I could vote vote for myself.

and I was making a take off of the Yellow Submarine song by the Beatles, BS.

Most Knowledgeable: Tie between Third & Ten and Big Dave. (Hon Mention, R&W)
Most Annoying....The posters that sign on for one day just to trash talk a team. (Hon Mention, Sorry Kanga, Expansion and Rule changes get you a mention)
Most Entertaining, Saskargo with her "baited" posts. I'll have to take that Girl fishing with me.

Biggest fan, Third & Ten, Wish I could do the cross country tour. (Hon Mention Roar Lions Roar)

Knowledgeable: Third&Ten
Annoying: turkybend

I would like to thank the academy, DG for recognizing my talents, And KK for some reason I have no idea why! I will take the award proudly!

Woah. Thanks for the good words guys. Among so many posters, being named more than once is pretty touching.

So many people on here would deserve awards:

  • jm02: for being the woman all guys want (intelligent, poised, football loving, and apparently quite a chick too (I haven't been sent pictures, but others have... MESSAGE HERE!))

  • turkeybend: for being a smootherer, always here with a tongue-in-cheek impossible comment (how can you not like his humour?)

  • Drumming_God : for being a premier ressource when it comes to what was said about who and where. Our media guy. With clean insight and crisp acknowledgement of the game.

  • Sportsmen: for always being able to state his opinion without getting anyone fired up. If anyone spontaneously attracts respect, that's got to be him.

  • ro1313: for being the most pragmatig guy on this site... No. Let me rephrase that. The most pragmatic guy ever. Mister no-nonsense won't take your bullshit even if you wrap it thight in 100$ bills. He will point out the flaws in any argument.

  • Kanga-Kucha: for never giving up. No matter how wrong he can be and how often others can point it out, he never let his enthusiasm go. He's so happy to cheer for the CFL, it's contagious. You gotta wonder how a guy who never saw a live CFL game can hold in such high esteem our beloved game. Hats off to him for trying hard, over and over.

  • BigDave: for investing so much work in giving us the best CFL game on the net. He never let go even if his personal chances of winning it get thinner. Cheers to a hard working poster.

  • Billy_Soup: for standing stoic to all of Saskargo's gratuitous attacks. One would deserve a trophy for less than that. And he loves more than the CFL. His high interest in the CIS makes him a premier ressource when it comes to upcoming football stars.

  • MartyMix: a timid poster who gets my nod for recreating the whole CFL roster to the perfection on the Madden videogame. A titan's job.

  • Newfie: for constantly bringing back the topic of half nude women. Gotta love that. Sorry jm02.

  • Many, many, many others for various reasons...

  • But my overall favourite: RedandWhite, for standing at the top in the wit, knowledge AND humour departments. Every single time you see that guy posted something, you know you have to read it if you don't want to miss something good.

In all, the posters are all the reasons I come here very often. And, just for the record, the reason I was here less often recently is beacuse I'm in a huge rush at the office. Not because I want to visit less in the off season.

Merry Christmas to everyone and a very happy new year.

Merry Christmas to you to ...and Mary was a virgin...just ask Joseph..

Most knowledgeable...........papazoola
Most favorote ...........Kanga...Saskargo...
Most annoying...................nobody on this forum...

Not even an honorable mention. For that, I'm spelling honorable the U.S. way, ya jerks!

Knowledgable: 3rd n' 10
Annoying: There are so many!
Favorite: Gots to be Kanga...we have the same mind, after all :stuck_out_tongue:

ro1313 gets credit for being "the nice mod."

The MVP is Kanga Kucha, hands down. Who else represents the interests of Canada, both on the field and off the field than Kanga.

All CFL team:
Red and White
Argo Tom
gades- for taking all the ottawa bashing
xgamer- for the nice pic of molson stadium
third and ten
ugly and hasty
billy soup

If you didn't make the list tryouts are in less than a week keep posting.

I guess I better become more active to the forum.

I try my best. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bleed blue&gold i see potential in you. You really have to throw your life away and be more dedicated to cfl talk. Whats wrong with you?

Whats wrong with me? Huh? I am dedicated to CFL talk, but I won't throw my life away for it. I'm a huge CFL fan.

Get you priorities straight cfl talk than everything else, if you don't check this board twice a day your not a fan.

Please bleed blue&gold its a joke i hope you catch on to it.

Okay then.