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I see comments on each team using their own ball on offense. Is there a reason why there isn't a standard CFL ball?

This article explains the reason this year the change was made to allow each offence to use its own slightly broken in balls.

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This is the first season in which visiting CFL teams can supply their own footballs when their offences are on the field. Visiting teams can bring a minimum of six footballs that their respective quarterbacks have used in practices leading up to the games. In the past, the home teams were responsible for supplying the different footballs for offence and kicking. "It's huge because you don't have to worry about going out there and using the type of footballs that the opposing quarterbacks like," said Riders quarterback Darian Durant. "Now you get to wear them down during the week. Some of it may be mental, but it's huge."

In previous seasons, visiting teams would be forced to use footballs right out of the box. Former Montreal Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo preferred that type of football. Durant favours a football with some wear on it.

"It's very tough to use a football out of the box," Durant said. "Those (2013) Grey Cup footballs were the worst, especially with the cold weather. That makes them much more slippery.

It's tough with them coming out of the box on hot days as well."

The steady rain in the Riders' 31-10 win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Sunday made throwing the ball even more difficult. It's still a rule change that Hamilton quarterback Zach Collaros supports.

"It makes a difference mentally because you get to play with the same balls that you practised with all week," Collaros said. "There isn't anything worse than going

to an away stadium and busting out brand-new footballs. Montreal was notorious for doing that, so every quarterback is pretty happy about that."

How the balls are broken in is a secret that Durant isn't ready to disclose. Equipment manager Gord Gilroy and assistant Mike MacNeil are entrusted with preparing the footballs for Durant.

"They do a good job of getting them ready," Durant said. "We use them in a couple of practices to help get them worn down. We'll test them again just in case they were damaged or I still want to use them next week.

Thank you, I appreciate the info.

They are ALL standard CFL balls used in a game just previously loved by QB versions on offence.

Thanks for the reply. I'm just trying to understand the CFL, some of my questions are probably dumb.

CFL teams should hire Johnny's ex girlfriend. She was great at breaking balls! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Durant speaking of slippery balls, are receivers allowed to use stick-em these days?

I’m thinking no.

[b]RULE 1 – CONDUCT OF THE GAME SECTION 10: PLAYING UNIFORMS Article 4 – Illegal Substance[/b] A player shall not be permitted to wear or apply or have applied on the uniform, equipment or body: (a) an adhesive substance, a rosin bag or tacky cloth that, in the sole judgment of the Referee, has made the game ball unsuitable for play as a result of direct or indirect contact with that player,
Even if they were, their own QBs would probably forbid it.

Weird allowance…balls are uniform…and offenses this year are pretty bad, so doesn’t seem to help much.


CFL has bigger balls than NFL!!! :wink:

Uh, that could be interrupted several ways, Thanks for the info!

Except it's no longer true. CFL and NFL are pretty much the same size now. The only real difference between the two is the stripe.

Back in the day of the US expansion, the CFL used a larger ball, a holdover from its rugby roots. And the league used the slogan "Our balls are bigger" in its advertising. Clever.

Our :thup: 8) CFL balls are still bigger.

Maybe some are....

But our FOOTballs are now the same size as those used in the NFL.

That was a "myth" but that didn't stop them from the slogan about "balls bigger" they weren't, but who was going to challenge the ads

Historically the CFL ball was slightly larger, both because of slightly bigger specifications, but also because CFL manufacturers tended to make balls at the larger end of the allowed tolerances as opposed to NFL manufacturers who built balls to the smaller end. However, t[b]he CFL updated its specifications in 1985[/b].[3]

According to the current standards the regulation size for a Canadian Football League football is specified as: short circumference from 207?8 to 211?8 inches; long circumference from 273?4 to 281?4 inches.[4]

The regulation size for a National Football League football is specified as: short circumference from 21 to 211?4 inches; long circumference from 28 to 281?2 inches.[5]

Despite the fact that the CFL rules allow for a smaller legal ball and the NFL rules allow for a larger legal ball, there is a common misconception among media, fans, and even players that the current CFL ball is bigger.[6] Some professional quarterbacks have stated that they notice a difference in size.[6]

Another difference between NFL and CFL balls is that Canadian balls have two 1 inch (25 mm) complete white stripes around the football 3 inches (76 mm) from the largest diameter of the ball and NFL balls have no stripes at all. College football and high school football both specify the use of stripes, but only on two of the football's four panels (the ones adjacent to the laces).

Thanks, slimjim. For some reason - probably because of the ad campaign - I thought the change in the CFL ball size was later than 1985. But even after 1985, there was a misconception that the CFL footballs were bigger, and not just among fans.

Note that Austin joined the league in 1987, two years after the change to the (slightly) smaller ball. So why would he find the ball bigger? Was it just the optical illusion because of the stripes? Or did the Riders still have a bunch of the old balls around for practices?

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Not sure what its worth I remember watching a program waaay back in the late 80's about the difference between the CFL and NFL balls, and they said the sizes are the same, but the way they were stitched the CFL ball bulged out and was visually bigger.

They should modernize the balls and install a camera fixed to a Gyro, GPS system so you can not only see the pass but be part of the real action when the ball leaves the QB's hand and fly's through the air, the gyro would keep it steady so you wouldn't feel dizzy watching the ball spiral and the GPS would give the QB an accurate reading on where the ball was going.

This could add a whole new dimension to the game. Oh and add in John Maddan's idea of having Lasers instead of marker chains
on the ten yard officials than football would have a futuristic look.