CFL Footballs

Sorry if this was discussed earlier in the year, but who in the heck thought that the stripes on the football would be better stitched in. I just saw a picture in the paper the other day of a player holding a game worn football, and the stitched stripes were folding back, no wonder you don't see that many spirals anymore. I had heard some of the qb's state that at least 4-5 incompletions could be blamed on the stitching, after seeing the stripes folded back like they were, I am surprised anyone can throw anything but ducks.
What a joke. Did a cfl executive hire their favourite aunt to sew the stripes on to save money this year. :thdn:

I agree with you. Many QB have said it takes at least 5 yards off their distance.
The plan however was not to save money but to improve the grip......didnt work!

CFL quacks run amok :lol:

.....yeah, I'm surprised this change wasn't experimented with first at the CIS or CJFL level before introducing it to the pros...

If that is the case, then Joseph should have more compeletions as he overthrows his receivers by 5 yds at times… I dont really see that it is that big an issue, it doesnt seem to bother a lot of the QBs in this league.

for the '07 season, they should go back to the balls they used b4, and change the kick return rules back to the way they were.

Calvillo said that his passes now tail away from recievers when he throws into the wind....kinda like a screwball in baseball.

I've seen a lot of amazing throws this season so it can't be that bad. Personally i think it's a cool idea and QBs will adjust. Are completion percentages down this season? anyone have any stats?

no different than the NBA changing its ball this year. These are usually decisions made by a comittee of nobody's. As always - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I've played with the newstyle CFL ball, and its crap.


I've played with the newstyle CFL ball, and its crap.
I concur StatiK76, the new stripes feel funny and my normally nice spiral passes that would sail 60 or 70 yards downfield now gets caught in the wind and drop like wounded ducks at 55-60 yards! My receivers are coming back to the huddle and saying, "Wassup, man, you know what I'm sayin'"? I just tell them it's the new stripes, dude... :?

60-70 yard passes? Hmmm .. Then you should be either an extremely strong-armed pro football quarterback, or a politician.


Maybe he means 60 - 70cm passes? :wink: