CFL football

Why are there 2 white strips on a CFL football?

you've got to be kidding me

why is the field green?

I think the real questions are:

Why is there no white stripes on an NFL football?
. . . and more importantly. . .
Why is there white stripes going only halfway around on NCAA footballs?

Huh? HUH?

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Or better yet, start watching soccer, where being inane is a virtue!!

Yeah. The NCAA should make up their damn minds lol

I say put a stripe only on one end!

guys show some respect.
Our new freind here asked a simple question and you guys are bashing him.
Well come on you hotshots. Lets see anyone try to answer it.
If you dont know it private message me and I will tell you.


PM? How about you inform us. I have followed CFL ball all my life and can't remember the answer. Doesn't sound like a bad question to me. Where did the stripes originate? And why were they not passed to the American game or when were they elminated? You jokers probably don't even know the answers and your making fun of him, LOL.

Radical. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you ever considered the fact that the ball is really white with 3 fat brown stripes

Yeah what is the reason for stripes on footballs anyways? Maybe wikipedia can help.

i think back in the day the white stripe was used to see if a team had a first down not 100 % sure

The CFL ball used to be bigger and fatter than the NFL ball. Now, apparently it is closer in size. Does anyone know the dimensions of both balls. Remember the bumper sticker that used to say CFL players have larger balls!!

Actually if you watch them measuring for a first down and it comes up short, they use the stripe on the ball as the point that the ref grabs the chain link so he can mark the placement of the ball.

That way you’ll always know which end is which!

There are some people where its hard to tell which end is which... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I resemble that remark! :lol:

Taken from Wikipedia: While the tolerances of Canadian and American footballs are slightly different, the same ball can fall within the tolerances of each. Canadian Football League rules specify that the long circumference of the ball should be not less than 27¾ inches (705 mm) nor greater than 28¼ inches (718 mm), while the short axis should be no less than 20? inches (530 mm) nor greater than 21? inches (537 mm). The dimensions of the official National Football League and National Collegiate Athletic Association football are specified by its manufacturer as: short circumference: 20¾ to 21¼ inches (527 to 540 mm), long circumference 27¾ to 28½ inches (705 to 724 mm).

Taken from article on differences between Canadian and American foot ball @

Hey why not run the stripe in a spiral down the ball? That way a tight spiral throw would hypnotise the reciever?

More seriously, I had heard that the stripe was originally added to help with the visibility of the ball. If I remember correctly it originated in the NCAA and had even been tried for a while in the NFL (I may be wrong here). For some reason it has remained in the CFL. I personally like the stripe for watching the game. It really empahsises, quickly for the fan in the cheap seats, when a ball is tipped or well thrown.