CFL Football video

hi there ,
I am from israel and i would like to know if there is a place for me to download the CFL football full games anywhere?
i am a student and doing a big project on the CFL and will need the videos in the best quality that you can find.
can somebody help me ?
is there a company who sells the games ?
i need 2013 games only.

thanks hy

All CFL games are available for viewing on the TSN website, Near the middle of the page, there's a link for VOD Archive (Video On Demand). The quality isn't perfect, but at least the games are there for free, and it's legal ,as TSN owns the rights to the videos.

If you need better quality, I suggest you contact TSN to see they can provide you with the actual TV videos for a small fee.

You may not be able to stream that with a non-Canadian IP. Unless you use one of those mirror-bounce sites.

Only available in Canada, you say? Pity. (OK, am I showing my age here?)

Actually, I never noticed the Canada-only notice before. It wasn't there last year, and I thought some of our American friends were watching the games there this year. Maybe they all have IP spoofers installed.