CFL Football Video Game

I am not a big gamer, but I would but it, would you

We all want it, but there's been a couple threads about this and it sounds like a no go. :frowning:

Someone has to convince the Cohon and the Bog!

Absolutely. Get enough to check yes, and who knows, maybe someone will notice it. You never know....can't hurt to try.

If they would just add all the teams as a regular contingent on the EA sports or Madden or whatever, that would be fine. You could select playing against our teams or play against NFL teams.

I believe this is what will eventually happen. I don't know when, but someday CFL will be incorporated in Madden football.

it wouldn't be hard to add a CFL gametype to madden NFL.
just change a couple rules and add the teams, it would be really easy for a game development team actually, don't know why they wouldn't do it, would increase sales in Canada.

Not like Madden isn't growing stagnant as it is.

If Backbreaker aquires the rights to an NFL video game once their contract runs out with EA, I see this becoming a distinct possibility.Ea isn't very open minded, they've handed us the same game 4-5 years in a row and said hell no to euphoria even though it makes it 1000x more realistic.

While I'd like to see the CFL in Madden much like overseas leagues can be found in the NHL or FIFA video games, I feel like there's a large body of work that would be needed to be done in order to provide a quality CFL game in Madden.

There's a lot more to capture aside from 'a few rules'.. They'd need to have outcomes, control layouts and animations for pre-snap motion, missed field goal returns, end zone kick outs, onside kicks and punts from scrimmage, different clock rules, no-yards, field dimensions, different vernacular for penalties, different application of penalties, different coin toss procedure... etc... etc...

I'm not a programming expert but I just think there's a larger body of work and hence a larger cost to getting a quality CFL game in Madden than some think.

I mean if the majority of football gamers in Canada would accept a sub-par simulation of the CFL (i.e. CFL looking teams playing generally American rules save perhaps field dimensions and downs), then so be it but we already have artwork and roster information available online for download to play with CFL teams in a Madden video game.

As long as it was PC Based and not for X-Box PSIII or any other Device..

what if ea just makes a cfl game to run as a add on to madden, so that who ever wants to buy it, can. that way, you dont have to hear to many drunk americans online bashing the game while your playing. 30 bucks for 8-9 teams plus stadiums?

yeah so we can make sure it gets almost absoluetly no sales

I've always been a console gamer and always will be.PC gaming is painfully expensive.A Ps3 CFL game would be nice please and thnks :rockin: