cfl football video game

what are your guys thoughts about a cfl video game and do you think many people including the usa will play it personally that would be fun to play because of the rules and at the same ti
me it promotes the cfl

I Have always wanted to see one. With the memory they would save on not having 32 teams they could throw some wicked stuff into the video game. If done properly, would blow Madden sales in canada out of the water.

Maximum-football has a CFL option. But I've had all kinds of difficulties with it.

they should just put an option on madden, NFL mode, and CFL mode, basically an extension on the game, would boost sales a lot at least in canada.

id rather midway, who used to do NFL blitz, do a CFL game...CFL Blitz. i feel a company dedicating a game to the CFL would put alot more detail into it then EA, who would make the CFL aspect an afterthought if including it IN madden.

have the occasional tackle knock a guy outta bounds and knock over a mascott, or coach, or table full of

have crowd noise of 'oski-wee-wee', in hamilton, and 'aaarrggoosss' in toronto...

along with some outdoor games starting during daylight hours eventualy moving to night as the game progresses.

and some full-on team brawls / fights during rival matches, like eskies vs stamps on labourday...but make this rare so its really special when it occurs.

or the Ultra-rare coach fight..imagine ned flanders fighting machocia..haha

these are just some of my ideas that would make a CFL game stand out from the other football choices out there.

This is always brought up. I wish they would make one, but no company seem to want to take a chance.

I'm hoping to be able to get a meeting with EA or the CFL with the rosters I made but when I talked to Larry Smith, the CFL seems to want guarantees :frowning:

Anyhow, check these rosters from last year if you want:

BUT! I've tweeked the ratings slightly since this list and I've done all the trades and FA signings so stay tuned for a NEW list around Training camp!

If there's a CFL game, I'd buy it (as long as the field dimensions are accurate and the playbook reflects a typical CFL playbook)

Same with the AFL.

there is one with the afl

All a cfl game needs to become popular in the states is Doug Fluties name on it- As long as the game play is cfl caliber it will sell in canada to, imo.

As it turns out, I was contacted by David Winter of Wintervalley software and he pointed out that there was a more recent release of the game which fixed some of the issues I was having. I had a look last night and it seems to be coming along nicely. :thup:

The nice thing about Maximum-football, if you're so inclined, is that you can also play American and Arena rules, or tweak them to make your own. I've only really tried the Canadian rules.

If anyone's a member of "CFLnation", they're doing a survey right now on fan attitudes towards a CFL video game.


It shows that the head office is well aware of the potential involved with a video game ... but they're also unsure if it's worth the investment, basically.

Personally, I think the best way to go would be to add a bona fide CFL option to the Madden games. I can't imagine it would be THAT tough to make 9 new uniforms, teams, and stadiums, and 400 or so new players. The hardest bit would be to allow Canadian rules - and that would NOT be difficult to implement. Then, there also isn't as much risk as the payoff not being there.

Frankly, I'm sure it would sell MORE Madden games. The NFL types would still get their NFL game, but now CFL fans would be buying the game, too. I know I would ...

I would definitely prefer if the CFL created their own video game as opposed to a Madden add-on.

Hopefully the CFL and or game creators are willing to take the risk in making a solid CFL video game. If the quality is the same as it is in Madden, it will definitely be a big sell.

I'm sure some of you have seen this but I might as well post it.

Good stuff, I've signed a couple of those already. Not only would a CFL game be fun to play, it would get young people interested and market our game as a whole. The only problem is getting a company to take a chance on it. Till then, the only way to play with your team is to take the time and create them on Madden.

Please, give us a CFL game! :thup: