CFL Football Video Game........When?

How long am I going to have to wait until EA Sports or some other gaming company makes a CFL video game?

Don't get me wrong, I love playing Madden, but I'm a CFL fan before I'm an NFL fan. I would be in heaven if they came out with a CFL video game for Xbox 360/PS3/Wii.

I realize the game wouldn't sell a lot of copies in the states, however, it damn well would sell in Canada. IMO, it wouldn't cost too much to make. Heck EA Sports could just re-skin their current player models from Madden and include the current 8 CFL team uniforms. Not a lot of work there. I'm not even asking for a CFL players license(although it would be nice!), just the teams.

Most of the work would be creating the stadium models. Maybe they could also include Frank Clair stadium and the Big O as secret unlocks for acheiving winning the Grey Cup!

Am I alone? Does anyone else want a CFL Football Video game?

Seeing how there are about 100 treads on a CFL video game.......I would say there are! :wink:


is a group on face3 book check it out

Needs to be a demand for it. EA probably hasn't seen the demand.

EA won't make it. You'd need a developer that makes those 20 and 30 dollar games to make it but even then I doubt they would. The demand isn't there for it especially for a company like EA. For argument say you need to sell 100,000 units to break even. You might sell that. Maybe you sell 300,000 units. The profit margin isn't there for a company like EA to waste its time on it, when they could use the staff to make a game that has wider appeal then just for people in Canada.

Never. Sorry just keeping it real.

If they can make an Arena Football game, they can make a CFL game.

Apples and oranges.

ya i am in the facebook group and the one guy has made a pretty sweet mod for it.

and roger AFL and CFL are totally different exactly what CRF says apples and oranges. we are an 8 soon to be 9 team league in a small canadian market. the AFL is a 17 team league in a big american market, HUGE difference. and even though i know no 1 truly likes the AFL they seem to stay afloat pretty easy and are well known.

It will happen right when you stop asking for it. Murphys law right?


I like your angle kel! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Let me try something.

So, lets apply that thinking to Expansion…If we STOP posting goofy expansion threads (Saskatoon, Victoria, Kelowna, Red Deer, USA) maybe there will be expansion soon.

Why not try that , for say 2 years, and if the CFL expands from 8 to say, 9 teams by 2010, it will prove that theory correct.

So, remember everyone, two year moratorium on Expansion threads! :wink: :wink:

The league wants it, EA wants it... It just needs an extra kick in the form of corporate sponsorship I believe. Even the AFL game had a corporate sponsor in the title.

This is where TSN should come in. They ought to put up the sponsorship dough. I mean, they have a pretty sweet deal right now with the television.

Why go with EA sports? The company developing this game engine can’t sign with NFL, because EA sports has the official license. This company needs a league to sponsor it. Why not the CFL? Wouldn’t it be killer if the CFL game was actually superior to Madden? Make it so you can add the former American teams (Posse, Maddogs, Pirates, whatev) THEN it would sell in the USA. :wink:

I remember seeing that video months ago, good catch mking!!

Create teams too for expansion during franchise maybe at the end of a season you could do it during the offseason and be the commisioner or something expand anywhere you want.

TSN can do what ESPN football did, it could be called "TSN Friday Night Football" or "TSN Football", or "Randorf 09" i dunno. And during the season you can put the Wendy's Kick for a Million contest in and you have to try and kick to win.

Have CFL Legends teams with all the names, and have like every grey cup winner in the game since at least like 1940's or something, or maybe way back to the beginning but i think the rules were a bit different like hockey's rules were in the older days.

I also guarantee that they'd gain a lot more respect from people having a really good game out there (not a sloppy game, then everyone will get mad) and kids all over canada are playin', the CFL would gain so much more popularity, games aren't a small thing anymore NPD reports today that 75 percent of Americans are gamers. So lets just say like in most stats its similar to Canada, that means on top of all the CFL fans out there in Canada, there's potential, and definitely if its a good game, to annihalate madden sales and i'd be willing to bet that out of the 8 million that watch it that 6 mill will probably want to play and probably have a console in their homes. It would be perfect.

Problem is you'd have to start work on it pretty soon otherwise its gonna take years before we even see a game, to even build a proper game might even take 2 years from today if they really wanted to make it a Madden killer, 1 year if they just want to get something and then do what they were gonna do for the next year, but make sure its a fun game with no bad nagging glitches (a real problem with 2k sports games).

I hope it happens soon.

"Wendy's Friday Night CFL Football"? I hope it never comes to that. I can say right now, even if it did(some of you know what I think about sponsorship) come to that, I would buy multiple copies and/or a new platform(currently own 360) to play with MY heroes and not some south-of-the-border compromise. If anyone( Sponsors???) influential in this matter is listening, this is my last plea. END OUR PLIGHT, and sales will not disappoint you!!!


Who says EA wants it?

While a few hundred American people might buy it for the former US teams in those markets (Memphis, S.A, Birmingham, L.V., Shreveport, and Sacramento), I think the bigger market will be in college kids who in their freshman year watch great senior players they've identified with over the course of a season, graduate and come up to the CFL to continue their careers. I think just about every 30 year old guy in Montana would get a copy to 'be' Dave Dickinson. I think every 25 year old American, TCU fan would get the game for the many stars such as C. Printers who now hone their craft north of the 49th. What about the families and friends of current and former CFL'ers from the US? I'm sure they'll be buying.

I personally think if they made a million copies(250k for each of PC, PS3, Wii, and 360) of a CFL game as playable or more than Madden, for release in the US they would sell out within the year. Who knows if the potential wouldn't be even greater than that.