CFL Football Frenzy

Not sure how many have tried this yet, but I got it running on my iPad over the weekend. I really like it. It's pretty simple, which makes it fairly quick to master — except passing which is kind of obtuse (What's the star under the receiver for? Tapping near the route line for speed, as the instructions recommend, does nothing). The best part is that you can bang out a game in a couple of minutes.

Your Apple device MUST be running iOS11 or the game will not launch.

Apparently there is a fandroid version in the works.

Fun little game! Could grow into something really great, even with the cartoony graphics. Anybody else tried it?

I have ... it's a little CFL fun for when you have nothing else to do!

Is it a little cartoony? yes! For me that works though.

Am I good at it ... Hell NO!

Mod Note: OK, how's this:

Yeah, I'm totally fine with cartoony. After all, it's meant to run on a variety of mobile devices, so expecting Madden is expecting far too much. It could use a bit more explanation, especially for passing, but it's otherwise a fine time waster.

“We were delighted to wake up Friday morning and find out that we were No. 1 for kids in the apps store and No. 3 for sports games.? — Christina Litz, from an article posted in this thread.

It's available on Android now so will need to take a look at it over the weekend.

Just played. It's great to see a cfl game with player names.
Definitely targeted for elementary school kids. I believe they were going for the 8-12 year olds.

Clearly, but it’s still fun enough for adults, even if it is much too easy. There’s also no playoff mode, but maybe features will be added and the difficulty increased over time. I might have to find an 8-12 year old to explain to me what the special football modifier buttons are for and why they’re actually needed. :wink:

Downloaded it today.

It's a simplied version of overtime rules which is a good way to introduce the brand and right at the grade school demographic.

Not too many play selections which is good for newbies (I still suck at kicking) and keeps each game nice and short.

I would agree with others with making a game that caters to millenials but this is a good first step. Capture their interest have a core then have a game in place with more meat on the bones that they can grow into.

Millenials are too old to worry about. They should be focussing on those born after 2000 so they grow up playing CFL.

That is exactly why we've been working all year to work with the NFL and get flag football teams and tournaments going country-wide. :slight_smile:

Sad thing is why the CFL felt it had to team up with a foreign league (NFL) to host a national flag football tournament. Should've been able to do it themselves.

We were going to go at it alone if they didn't want to join the effort, but I'm glad they did - more exposure and more investment make for a bigger splash.

Overall, I like it. A bit cartoony, but what video game isn't? This must obviously be why they nixed licensing the console game by another developer. I'd like to see future versions of the game allow you to intercept when on defense. Ultimately, at long last, there's a CFL video game! Hurray! One major glitch though: it shows a nearly full stadium when you play the Argos at their home... :wink:

Now CFL popular game. I really crazy about it. I really love the game.
Run, pass and kick your way to victory with your favorite team in CFL Football Frenzy!
This exciting arcade football shootout game lets you create your own avatar, collect card packs and customize your uniform on your path to becoming a champion.
Experience quick play action, explosive power-ups and fast-paced football using Canadian football rules. Available in French and English, CFL Football Frenzy provides fun for everyone!

The new version is out and is now compatible with iOS 10 (perhaps earlier versions too, but I don't know), and probably for Android as well, since it mention increased "device compatibility."

I downloaded it a little over a week ago. It's fun for what it's worth, incredibly easy which kind of makes it boring after 5 or 6 games (I'm 25).

I hope this leads to an official console CFL game with a Quickplay and Franchise Mode. But knowing this league, it won't happen for 10 years, if ever.

It's just nice to see my own Esks in a video game with real players.