CFL Football Exchange Program

Would you support a CFL football marketing campaign in which any fan could exchange a new OR used NFL size football at a new CFL authentic size football for free at a participating SportChek or Canadian Tire retail location across Canada?

  • Yes
  • No

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And this would do what?....

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You are right: Canadian Tire would never want to give people a reason to come to their stores vs. Walmart. Yes, you are right, really, we should do whatever we can to ensure as many NFL footballs are in circulation as possible for the betterment of the CFL. Yes, and, I suppose, we should also arrange for a fan to also get free admission to a CFL game if they exchange an NFL for CFL football at SportCheck or Canadian Tire. Yes,now, that is something worth looking into.

It's the same size football

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Hey, maybe they will exhange my American tires for Canadian tires?

And yet. I am guessing the CFL logo on the football might be a little better marketing for one league over another. Which ine, do you think?

Sure. If they have a CFL logo on them...why not?

So you mean CFL branded, not CFL sized football.

My balls are leaky. :sob:

I have two CFL footballs that don't hold air for long anymore. Would I still get the new balls in exchange for the ones that hiss?

You never answered my question..

I asked What your idea would do?
What would the accomplishment be?

You said trade in new or old ..well hate to tell ya if someone just bought a new NFL ball they wanted a NFL ball so they are a NFL fan or just do not care what they throw around or they prefer that ball....
Used balls yup free trade in for new ball sweet ..

Now who benefits? Some people get a slick new ball for a used one others just get a different ball and Canadian Tire get a few extra feet through the door during the promotion.
But they will also have to put up the cost for all them footballs ....

So people rush to Canadian Tire get a ball trade then what? A rush on CFL tickets?

If it was that easy...

My whole thing is the only people who are going to care that deeply what their football has printed on it are already fans so I doubt it would drive anything towards fan building or ticket sales

So in my mind what would that promotion do?

Unless you just need to trade in a dirty old ball

Branding campaign for CFL. Canadian Tire would gladly foot bill for costs since it helps drive people to their stores rather than Walmart. Wilson would also be okay since balls still have their name. Fans get new ball and another way to connect with league.

What? Giving away free car batteries would drive foot traffic too. Are you suggesting they would gladly "foot the bill" for that as well?

I appreciate when fans look for ways to promote the league, and yes, the league does need to get creative, but this one doesn't make sense.

Ok ...The CFL does not need a branding campaign. The whole country up there knows what the CFL is what they do and all that.The CFL is out there.

That campaign I acknowledged it would get a few extra feet into a Canadian Tire store but those would be fans already attracted to the CFL game ...but that doesn't help grow the fan base . The ones who go seek out that promotion and by seek out they heard about it got excited enough to find a ball and go to a store and exchange it ..they did that because they were fans. A non fan wouldn't find the need for a CFL ball.

The CFL could really use to grow it's fan base and that discussion is wasted on these forums. Mainly if you want to know why the non fans are non fans you have to have an actual conversation with a non fan and there are none of those here.
We'd all just start naming of wishlists of what we'd like to see

I think you're being overly defeatist here. Yes, all of us here are fans. But I'd wager that all of us here know several non-fans and have conversations with them on a daily basis. Heck, we probably all know more non-fans than we do fans. That knowledge can give us insight in to what can covert a non-fan into a fan.

Having said that, I don't think this idea would go a long ways in converting people. However, I do support the league's Try Football initiative that was donating CFL footballs to kids across the country a few years ago.

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There we go. A positive attitude.

If Canadian Tire wants to give me two new CFL branded footballs in exchange for my old J5V's (that leak) then I'm going to say heck ya. My nephew can have one.

I would rather teams make ticket agreements with Canadian Tire - sell cheap seats with a certain level of purchase. Back when I was young we used to get Argo tickets from A&P for $4 when we spent so much on groceries.


Great idea. With all of this inflation some fans can barely afford pay attention let alone pay for tickets these days. Safeways had a promotion for endzone tickets a while back. In the 1990's I think they were around $10.

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Even before that Salisbury House (iconic local Winnipeg restaurant) had a section in the end zone where tickets went for $4 I believe.

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But it needs a marketing campaign leveraging the strong CFL brand...which it does have...

I think you're right. Cactus Jack used to talk about that 'section' all the time.

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