CFL football and CBC television


    I love the CFL and miss seeing it.  I will explain.  I live in suburban Detroit and have watched the CFL on CBC out of Windsor forever.  Last year, the CFL was taken to another channel.  I believe TSN.  Does anyone know why the CFL games were taken off CBC?  And what cable outlet or channel could I find them?  I really love the CFL game, the athleticisim and not overeliance on brute strength.  The fact that smaller players and guys from smaller schools get more of a chance.

   Any info would be appreciated.


Go to Windsor, buy yourself a Bell Expressvu satellite system, and buy a programming package that includes TSN, hook it up, and off you go. You'll probably need a Canadian address for billing purposes, but otherwise your hardest step will be installing the dish.

Here's a couple of articles to explain.

Hope this helps

maybe you can watch the games online.

ESPN 360 has CFL Games (including those on TSN)

TSN broadcasts many of it's games live on Broadband over the internet at no cost. The Broadband link is at the top on their website. I've watched a few games that way when a tv was not handy. Also most, if not all of last seasons CFL games, including playoffs, are archived on their website as well. Being as you are in the U.S. though, the live broadband telecast might be blocked possibly due to byzantine broadcasting laws. The same (blocking) goes for us Canucks sometimes too when I try to watch NHL or other live sports broadband games on some U.S. sites.

I thought TSN only only broadcast 1 game/week live but had all the games archived so once the week was over you could watch them.

Marty York reports that Chris Walby's food per-diem was putting the CBC Sports department in "the Red" so they had to give up covering football! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

LOL... that and the time wasted on speech lessons... :lol:

On walby's worse day in the booth,he is still better then Suitor at his best. Suitor misses half the game, yammering on about something that is not funny and more importantly has nothing to do with the game.

I’ll take Walby over Suiter and Black anyday.

I agree with the Black pick, but RO Suits that is no touch.
He is the best colour guy is all of sports. Period.

Getting back on topic...Tommy, you can't stream any games from either TSN or since you live in the States, so don't get excited when people tell you you can. You would need a Canadian proxy server to be able to do that, and those are both expensive and slow.

Artie's advice about getting a dish is good, except the part about having a Canadian address. That might be pretty difficult and/or expensive to get unless you have a close friend or family in Windsor.

Your best bets, unless things dramatically improve this year, are:

a) ESPN360, if you can get it. Not all cable/satellite providers carry it. Check out

b) Watch American One network, if you can get it. It's only available outside of large metro centers.

c) Many games are streamed online through tv online sites. The quality is usually poor, but you at least can see the game. Check out, or do a search for CFL + streaming. You'll likely find something.

d) Use a Slingbox. This is what I do, since I can't get ESPN360 or America One, and I can't use a dish since I'm blocked to the South. You need to have somebody in Canada host it for you, but it works extremely well once you get it set up.

The sligbox works great if you can work it out - again, you've gotta know someone in Canada.

As for a Canadian address, go to a Kinkos or UPS store or whatever in Windsor, get a PO box, and blammo, you have a Canadian address. You can go online at Bell and select e-bills, meaning no mailed statements, and you can have your account paid automatically from a cc left on file. Heck, if you do that, you could probably use any old Canadian address and you'd be fine, since nothing would get mailed there.

My opinion is no money till both group work together and come with a proposal that works for both. Same as you do with your kids... I would not favour a group at the expense of the other. They either both win or no one gets anything. I am a little disapointed in how selfish some of these individuals are. Both groups are trying to claim high ground with their handout for our money....Not impressed...

As far as Melnyk's comments they are laughable....CFL has been around "really" for 100 plus years as it evolved. How many soccer leagues have come and gone in the last 30 years? NASL in New York couldn't even fly with Pele the most popular player to ever live. Soccer is a "tribal" sport with deep cultural connections. It will never ever be a major draw in the ultra competitive North American market. Even most young people that play have no interest in watching it. Pace is slow and the top tier of North American athletes will continue to play Football, Basketball,hockey,baseball.

Many CFL games were moved to TSN2 (and yes I was pissed because I cant even get T2 on Rogers)
There is nothing more annoying than seeing something like billiards or darts on tv when I knew a game was on
TSN also stole the hockey night in Canada theme
Its odd, do they think this endears us to them? Stealing others content instead of doing something original

1 game was moved to TSN2
And it was known about at the beginnig of the season

Well next year looks better anyways, but I wonder why week 19 has only 1 game in HD? Toronto Winnipeg & Calgary are all doing SD broadcasts that week???

you are looking at last years schedule

Ah ok I give up I didnt even notice that