CFL Flag-Throwers making the game a mess

The title of the thread is the title of the attached article......which seems bang on to me.

Even though I believe our team lost Saturday night's game all by themselves, I agree that the refereeing is ruining the game for all fans no matter what team they cheer for.

here's the article from CanWest News:

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I couldn't agree more with that article. While the Ticats were completely outclassed on Saturday, the officials seem to be too influential on the outcome of the games.

I am sure there are times when a penalty is warranted, but it is becoming ridiculous.

And even funnier when they miss obvious calls. I guess what I am looking for is a little consistency that's all.

Oh yeah, and I don't want to see Jake Ireland's mug on the Tigervision on Labour Day!

  • paul

Actually that article is by Jack Todd, a writer for the Montreal Gazette. To show you what he knows. He thinks Mass was calling for a time out when on the bad snap