CFL Flag Football Champs From Regina Representing CFL @ Pro Bowl Week


Why was this moved to ‘other leagues and sports’??
This is a CFL initiative and is sponsored, endorsed, and marketed by the CFL.
It is the grass roots efforts that CFL fans say the CFL should support - because it’s relevant to the CFL. The CFL puts a lot of effort behind this.

Isn’t it very odd that the moderators on a CFL fan forum thinks the CFL’s own grass roots initiative & program belongs in ‘other leagues and sports’?

I'm guessing it is because you used 'Pro Bowl ' in the Subject. These days any mention of anything related to another league - or team or player in another league gets moved or edited. And 'Pro Bowl Week' is of course an NFL related event.
Heck in discussions about possibly tarping the upper decks at BMO for the Argos I posted that the Argos President mentioned that 5,000 more seats may be added to BMO because the other tenant is up to 24,500 season tickets. That line explaining the reasoning for considering adding 5,000 seats was edited out of my post.

I could post that the new Argos President said they were looking at adding 5,000 seats - but I couldn't post about his reasons for wanting to do that.

"Why was this moved to ‘other leagues and sports’??"

Flag football = 'other' sport
NFL [partnering with CFL which you conveniently omitted] = 'other' league

Other league + other sport = "Other Leagues and Sports"

Reading the article explains it all. The CFL has a direct partnership with the pro bowl and it’s related youth tournament - it is an event that the CFL sponsors via its grass roots efforts to promote football in Canada.

If people read the article and explore THIS website, they will be happy to learn what’s been going on.

"If people read the article and explore THIS website, they will be happy to learn what’s been going on."

I'm sure they will. :slight_smile:

So a CFL article then, doesn’t belong on the CFL Forum?
And we then wonder why fans are unaware of what’s going on the league?

I would argue it really doesn't need to be in the forum, its on the main page of this site... maybe the results could be posted here.

this is kind of an in between issue.

Yes, CFL is involved to some degree, but so is NFL

No, it is not CFL football.

I see no need to debate which forum it is in.

Either one works for me.

I really like the grass roots football efforts that the CFL is promoting, sponsoring, and encouraging. They are planting seeds for the future players in Canada. As the CFL (and football in general) is at risk to be soon standing in the shadow of a rapidly growing soccer community that is reaping young athletes at a much higher rate than football is - I think it’s paramount to us fans and league to acknowledge, promote, and share in these CFL (and other) grass roots football efforts that largely - seem to go nearly unnoticed by actual CFL fans.

When MLS punts the CFL out of the lead for field sports in Canada - we can’t say we didn’t see it coming. This CFL initiative should be highly communicated by all of us - ESPECIALLY in a CFL forum.

Us Canadians are so passive. We actually don’t think this should be front and centre in the CFL category. Bizarre to say the least, especially when you realize it’s on the CFL website as an important initiative they support.