CFL First Season Trivia

Sorry for the recent derail. Thought I might get back on track ( pun intended ) with some interesting CFL trivia.

These are some CFL first season moments.

1960 - the first season teams put logos on the helmets . ( BC - Montreal )

1966 - The first season the CFL officially presented Grey Cup rings. I base this because Frank Rigney stated in the 4 GC's he won he got one ring. Tie clip in 58, a ring in 59 , and 61 - 62 they got watches. Ott got rings in 60. From 66 on it has been customary rings. BTW, members of past teams from pre 66 have received recent rings. ( Win - Ham - BC ) Teams could not always afford rings. In 64 BC Lions received mini GC trophy's. There are Images of the Sask 66 original rings .

1966 - The first season the CFL went to the modern prong type goal posts. Remember it used to be the H style of posts .

1971 - The first year the CFL teams put names on jerseys.

1975 - First and only season a road team had to borrow jerseys from the home team. Winnipeg was playing in Edmonton.
The Win jerseys got misplaced on the day of the game. They had to ask the Eskimos for their road jerseys. The names had to be torn off. Dieter Brock somehow wedged his way into Tom Wilkinson's jersey.

I thought it was the Eskies uniforms that were stolen and they had to borrow unis from the U of A Golden Bears. Maybe that was another time, but I think it was in the 70s as well.

I'll add a few on as well...
1909 - Grey Cup was donated as the amateur football championship trophy
1916 - 1919 - No season (amazing...would this ever happen now?)
1921 - First West team to compete in the Grey Cup
1955 - First year of "professional" team competed for it
1961 - First year of east/west regular season games
1993 - First US expansion team...1996 - No more US teams

What happened was in 1949 when the EE joined the league.
The UofA Golden bears football program was dormant.
The UA GB gave the EE their uniforms.

They have kept the colors since.

How could I forget this one.

1974 - The first season all 9 teams played the same amount of games - 16.

Pre Interlock - 74 the W played 16 while the E played 14. . In fact there was an era up to the early 70's when the W Final was a best 2/3 series while the E Final was a 2 game total point series. When the GC was to be played the W champ had played an extra 3 games. Talk about unfair.

We both forgot this one.

1958 - First time a regular season CFL game played outside Canada. Ottawa and Hamilton played at Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

What about
1986- Bungle goes to his first CFL game

don't you mean 2006

part of me wishes I was that young.. However, I would have missed the greatest football ever played.. From 87 trough 96 was some of the bst football ever.. Strangely, this high quality of play also was the time that the league was on it's death bed...

Do you know why this happened?
(I don't. Am curious.)

My understanding is that Ottawa ownership was simply aggressive at exposing the game to new markets and breaking new grounds. I believe they were also the first to play an NFL club a few years before that. Could definitely be more to it though.

Bungle circa 1986...Go Bombers Go !!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Screw Everybody !!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

1rst season that each existing and current active CFL teams won their 1rst Grey Cup Championship:

Toronto Argonauts...............1914
Winnipeg Blue Bombers.........1935
Calgary Stampeders.............1948
Montreal Alouettes..............1949
Hamilton Ti-Cats................1953
Edmonton Eskimos..............1954
B.C. Lions........................1964
Saskatchewan RoughRiders.....1966

Ottawa R.Riders(REDBLACKS).1925

1rst season that each existing and current active teams played in the Grey Cup Championship:

Toronto Argonauts................1911(lost)
Winnipeg Blue Bombers..........1935(won)
Calgary Stampeders..............1948(won)
Montreal Alouettes...............1949(won)
Hamilton Ti-Cats.................1953(won)
Edmonton Eskimos...............1952(lost)
Saskatchewan RoughRiders.....1923(lost

Ottawa R.Riders(REDBLACKS)..1925(won)

For sure it was a mutual benefit agreement. However, it was the idea of a Philadelphia promoter, who wanted to maket the game . Come see American stars play Canadian football idea.

Do you have the years for the Hamilton Tigers?
I consider them and the Tiger-cats one and the same. (I know the amalgamation history with the Hamilton Wildcats btw.)

Hamilton Tigers won their 1rst Grey Cup in 1913 defeating the Toronto Parkdale
The Tigers 1rst appearance in the game was a loss in 1910 to the U OF T
The Tigers made 8 Grey Cup appearances total, in their history,winning on 5 occasions (1913,15,28,29,32)and losing 3 times (1910,27,35)
The Hamilton Alerts won their 1 and only Cup in 1912
The Tiger-Cats have won the Grey Cup 8 times since merging with the WildCats in 1950 (1953,57,63,65,67,72,86,99)
The WildCats made 2 appearances in the Cup, winning in 1943 and losing in 1944.
Add it all up and you get my seen down below :rockin: :smiley: 15 total Cups for Hamilton based teams :cowboy:

1970 - Canada's first artificial playing surface was installed at Vancouver's Empire Stadium by 3M under the brand name "Tartan Turf" at a cost of $900,000 (which was pretty big dough in those days. A nice house in a good neighbourhood cost about $40,000). The club actually had to have a "shoe bank" for visiting teams.