CFL Fines ?

I watched the game on TSN and they said the leauge emailed them for the tape of the game.So fines are coming this week.

I dont understand why the Sask. players that got ejected were aloud to stand outside the dressing room and cheer on their team? I thought the had to leave the field.TSN showed the players well after there were thrown out cheering and tonting the fans in the endzone, this shouldnt be allowed.
Also the Sask. player throwing his helment going off the field :o He should be fined for that too.$$$$$$$

Kerry Joseph threw the first punch.
Just like the guts when it comes down to it.

I dont think Joseph even got a penety on that play :thdn:

None of the ejections were due to the scrum on the field, Abuo-Mechrek and Jones were both ejected for refusing to quit yapping at the officials well after the penalties were handed out, same deal with Tiller.

Jones will probably be fined for throwing his helmet and I'll guess that's all that will happen.

Okay I hate to troll here but Ti-cat defender was all over him and had him by the face mask after the whistle joseph is lucky he didnt get more for the punch he did throw but good job on taaffe for pulling his player to the bench and not condoning the poor sportsmanship unlike ummm Mr. whiny wally

No he didn’t and my brother emailed the cfl asking them about that very play and Mr. Black’s reply was that Joseph was merely trying to push away a Ticat player who was trying to strip the ball and didn’t actually punch him. :roll:

Tiller was looking for trouble on that play, and I am glad losing the O-Lineman that came to Josephs defence did not cost Sask.
Anytime you go after a star player there will always be a scrum.
It pi$$ed me off big time in the NBA playoffs last year when a bum from San Antonio cheap shoted Steve Nash in the last minute of a decided game, and the 2 starters who came to his aid were suspended costing Phoenix that series.

Tillers play itself was stupid and unprofessional. You could have your 3rd string LB cheap shot the QB on every play, and watch the guys get ejected.

I believe the guy from the San Antonio was either Bruce Bowen or Ginobelli (altho i’m thinking the latter), but dont quote me for sure.

I thought he played for the blue team? :twisted:

Robert Horry, sorry for quoting you on that one.

What cheapshot???.. he was trying to pry the ball from Josephs hands, something that happens after EVERY play… Joseph was a crybaby and slapped back… THAT is against the rules… not trying to STRIP a ball away… cheapshot…lol

There are rules about what happenes after the whistle though its not agaisnt the rules to tackle unless its after the whistle