Well the CFL has fined two players, should have been more two is a start. Another dirty player on Saskatchewan is Ricky Foley who has as habit of playing dirty especially against the Tiger-Cats going back to when Kevin Glenn was our QB and Foley would take the extra illegal hits on Glenn.

TORONTO -- The Canadian Football League announced today that it has fined the following players:

Montreal Alouettes receiver Brandon London for publicly criticizing CFL game officials. His comments appeared in a Montreal news report on Thursday, July 25.

Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive lineman Levi Steinhauer for a dangerous and illegal hit on Hamilton Tiger-Cats kick returner Lindsey Lamar during last Saturday night’s game.

As per league policy, the amounts of the fines are not disclosed.

At the very least the player fined should have to pay Lamar's contract while he is out.

I can see a couple of Cats getting fined for head shots in last nights game against the Eskies.

Both of the helmet-to-helmet hits were by Bulcke. More than likely just a fine, but you never know.