CFL Fines Sask Schultz $1000.00 for hit

I watched the hit several times and from all the angles the TV showed and I saw nothing that required a fine especially since the refs thought it was OK. I know Scott and and know he is not a dirty player or a cheap shot artist. What is your opinion of this fine and hit.

That is absolutely ridiculous! There was obviously no intent to injure on that play. Spergon turned right into the hit. All of these after game fines handed out by the CFL are starting to make the league look quite bush. Who knows maybe the CFL is looking for new ways to make money.

It was helmet-to-helmet, those seriously injure players, and I support this fine.

Wonder what fines Cornelius Anthony and Comiskey will receive for their helmet to helmet hits versus the Riders?

Yes, they injure players. That is why they are penalized. It should have been a roughing the passer call, but the official who was right on top of the play failed to throw the flag. Shultz should not be personally punished after the fact because the CFL officials botched the call.

Even thought I am against the fine and suspention in this particular case…I dont believe any player should get away with something just because th eref missed it

The ref was an idiot, it should've been called, doesn't change the fact that Schultz did what he did. I also feel Butler should be fined for the hit he placed on the back-up WPG QB, and possibly Strickland for his hit on Glenn a few plays prior.

sorry but I dont agree with you 32001.I have no problem with protecting the QBs but it is getting a bit out of hand.
I feel unnecessary roughness should only be called if it is avoidable and IMO many have been called when its not

IMO its prolly alot cheaper if they get a penalty on the field. :wink: If the refs misses a call during any game, i noticed more this year they hand out fines for miss calls! :expressionless:

ro1313: I’ll agree it’s getting out of hand, but only with the no hits allowed when the QB is running or sliding. When the QB is throwing, he exposes his entire body, and if defenders go in recklessly and hit the guy in the head…it just ends up in someone geting hurt.

The reason the fines / suspension are in place is again Quarterback protection. Someone told me that the rules commitee is made up from a rep from each team. Those teams want those QB's protected. The league reviews game film to fine players for calls missed (Or in this case the ref was blocked out) so that the player doesn't get away scot free. Its no different from the NFL who also fine players for illrgal hits missed by their officials.

So, from what I understand, if the ref would have called Scott for roughing, he would have have been fined 1000$ :roll:

Whether the ref called it or not the league decided the fine appropriate.

Winnipeg fans help me out. Didn't an offensive lineman a few years back (Dyson was his name???) get fined a few times for chop blocks. Some were flagged others wern't. The idea of the fines is stop players from dangerous hits that could end careers.

ooo yes..brandon dyson...he was like the dirtiest player from nfl europe or wherever he came from, and then he became the dirtiest player in the cfl...the league apparently started keeping a camera on him and watched all the dirty stuff he did

ed phillion had nothing on this guy...dyson made phillion look like a tool (which he actualy is)

Sporty again we have another thread regarding this issue it just seems they can not get it why bother! Yes the crops need rain, No we are getting to much rain! You see they have grown up with excuses my guess the Rider fans that do not carry on about this live in the city! But we do need our precious farmers don't we! Why bother sporty let them complain! :lol:

I suggest if these so called complainers are such good fans take up a collection and pay for it! Schultz would like that! So put your money where your mouth is!

Your as smart as Suitor! And really that is nothing to bragg about! Suitor/Walby both are not the sharpest tool on the bench they are just tools!