CFL fines 5 from Stamps-Esks game

Hmm. Interesting. No suspensions. To be honest, I don't think we'll ever see anyone get suspended in the CFL. :lol:

[i]The Canadian Football League is issuing fines to three players from the Calgary Stampeders and two more on the Edmonton Eskimos for their role in an altercation last weekend.

The league began looking into the play Monday and disciplined defensive lineman Mike Labinjo, cornerback Brandon Browner and receiver Romby Bryant of the Stamps, and receivers Tremayne Kirkland and Andre Talbot of the Esks on Thursday.[/i]

If Jimenez can get away without suspension for putting out that kid a year or so ago and AJ Gass with all his stuff and don't get suspended, I guess anything goes in the CFL.

It EMBARRASSES me that I am a fan of the CFL when Labinjo doesn't get suspended for that crap. If someone doesn't step up and fix this decision making we'll end up with a joke of a sport, like the NHL.

Well, I thought Cohon was going to get tougher on this sort of stuff when he came out last season(?) with that new player conduct rule (for lack of a better word), but so far no one has been suspended, and we've had a couple worthy cases.


If that huge scrum didn't warrant at least a few suspensions I'm not sure what will.

Its the CFL PA that really holds the power. If Cohon suspends, the CFLPA appeals.

And the arbitrator is usually someone closely affiliated with the offending team, or a player who can say, "I did worse than that and never got suspended!" :oops:

Anybody surprised?
This league is even worst than the NHL when it comes to this stuff.
Labinjo better get on hell of a fine, because this is a joke.

My neutered dog has more balls than the CFL when it comes time to punish people for this sort of crap.

What did browner do get punched in the league and how did romby get called everything that happened in terms of scrums was on defense

The scrum ended up more or less on the Calgary bench, I'm guess he did something that we didn't see.

An absolutely GUTLESS decision. The lack of a suspension to Labinjo simply is beyond comprehension. It make one wonder just what would a player need to do to warrant as suspension?

I have always defended the CFL from comments that the CFL is a bush league, this decision makes it difficult to defend that position. The lack of action from the league on a clearly blatant attempt to injure, caught clearly on TV and on replay is simply disgusting.

There are some who are suggesting that the lack of action in previous years somehow justifies this lack of suspension, the historic lack of guts was supposedly a thing of the past, I guess it is not!

I applaud the league on this decision. :thup: :thup:

Nothing i saw warranted suspension, but dont be surprized if Labinjo see's
limited (if any) action next week.

Like i said, Huf will take care of Labinjo's loss of composure internally :cowboy:

I think Labinjo's actions were borderline... but I also think that the Stamps may have told the league that they'd handle his "punishment" internally and that may have stopped a suspension from the league.

All in all, while I could've easily seen a couple of suspensions handed out (which would have been justified - Labinjo for excessive force, Kirkland for what amounted to the same as a '3rd man in' situation) at least the league didn't just sweep things under the carpet.

If the decision was the right one, why would Huf need to take any other action? Seems a bit of a contradiction.

Knowing Hufnagel past, I would not be surprised if he does take some action, however the league should not expect the teams to do their enforcement, kind of like the fox guarding the hen house.

Nobody should applaud this decision, the league must protect players from any actions that puts them at undue risk, which Labinjos actions definately did. The league stated that they would clamp down on dangerous practices like kneeing etc. and they didn't. Also the fact that the CFL did nothing to explain the reasons behind their lack of action is simplay wrong. At least tell us why!