CFL fines 12 players in Bombers/Argos game

No surprise that Rob Murphy was involved in all of this...

Ya but you know Murphy is completely Inocent :wink: :wink: :wink:

Personally I'm waiting to see what Andrus does. He called Belli out earlier in the season after the Argos lost to the Riders when he said:

"If he wants to be a WWE wrestler, then he can go do that, but he is not going to do on my football team," Andrus said as he gave his chewing gum an intense workover.

"I don't get upset very often, but it upsets me when guys act like they did. He is either going to conform or he is not going to be here."

Do you think Andrus will levy any additional punishment over the league fine (ie: team fine, healthy scratch)?

Bart will probably blow out Murphy like he did to Bruce and Parker. Lots of teams could use a Murphy.Hate him when he plays for the other guys but love his passion when he is your guy. Andrus’ ego has destroyed this team and he insists on surrounding himself with NFL Europe players. Hey this is the CFL and Andrus has not proved anything other than his lack of respect for our game.Coaches should coach not dictate…Never seen a top performer that didn’t need some attention but a good coach does his job quietly in private.

I can't believe that Bishop got fined. Belli was taunting him and cocking his fist as if he was going to punch him all night long and he never got called for it. You get a penalty for excessive touchdown displays but not for taunting an opponent as if you are going to clock him. Belli should have been thrown out of that game all on his own merits. Thank goodness he was at least fined.

You must not have seen the picture of Bishop's retaliation in the Winnipeg newspaper. :lol: I'm a Bomber fan and Bishop did deserve a fine although not as much as what Belli was fined.

No I didn't see that. Good on Bishop sticking up for himself. Belli's intimidation tactics are crass, un-CFL like and should not be tolerated by the referees. I agree with Andrus's assessment of Belli belonging in the WWE and not the CFL.

I find it funny that 7 Argos were fined and only 5 Bombers, but somehow the penalties on the field went against the Bombers.

I was glad to see Shabbazz get fined as well. I thought he should have been tossed out of the Banjo Bowl game after a couple of rough play calls.

I guess I’m not remembering it right, but I thought the on field penalties & ejections were off-setting. Oh well… I am an Argos fan & have always loved Belli, but anymore I think he’s a piece of crap. This is truly rock bottom.

There were two players from each team ejected but Dorian Smith got an extra penalty for objectionable conduct. Earlier in the game Belli got an objectionable conduct penalty and Moreno had 2 unnecessary roughness penalties. Bishop got an unnecessary roughness penalty on the same play as Belli's objectionable conduct penalty. According to the game summary those were all of the objectionable conduct and unnecessary roughness calls in the game.

Well i guess they can use instant replays for fines and not penalties,I think it was 5 yards in fav of the Argos after all was said and done......I usually dont get on the refs,but the refs lost it in this game,as soon as Belli faked his first punch earlier in the game I would have given him an unsportsmanlike pen,if you let crap like that go,your just asking for trouble.