CFL Fine Fest

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Last week, two Lions players were fined for not wearing the right socks, though the league made no attempt to communicate its actions to anyone other than those involved.

So far in 2009:

Arland Bruce
Paris Jackson
Brandon Browner
Adriano Belli
Lin-J Shell
2 Unamed Villians in the SockGate case

And the SpyGate culprit walks free!!!


Arland Bruce deserved to be fined for removing his jersey and shoulder pads. Paris Jackson deserved to be fined for removing his shoes. Adriano Belli and Lin-J Shell deserved to be fined for being idiots.

Personally, I'm glad the CFL is finally taking a stand on stupidity. Weren't we all complaining last season about the CFL not doing anything when players did stupid crap? Now that they're finally taking action, we're going to complain about that, too?

Give me a break.

..Stupidity okay, but socks?...give me a farkin break....I mean I suppose the league needs to uphold some semblance of order but that is pretty petty...

...the other fines I guess make sense as they are premediatated....but Browner's?!?!, and I know the calls of 'homer' will be heard (and not just because I'm as smrt as Mr. Simpson).....Browner's interception for a TD resulted in a spontaneous display of was hardly premeditated, do you really think he planned out exactly where he would jump into the stands to quaff a beer and get his package checked out?...(notwithstanding the first I seriously doubt he could plant enough women around the stadium to accomplish the second)...this was pure unbridled glee in action, hit the link, scroll down a little bit: now the CFL gets a little closer to the No Fun League....pick a ball and score a TD? don't even attempt a smile folks or it's coming off your paystub....

Other fans have complained the "league does nothing" about inappropriate attire by players and coaches, leading to a bush league image for the CFL (like the Sask coach wearing his GC champions cap on the sidelines). This gets some people riled up, so we shouldn't complain when players get fined for their socks not matching...

...remember Perception is Reality. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh come on R & W! you can't let them do just whatever they want! because these players will go all out and be ridiculous if they don't control it

flips are fine, single player celebrations as long as they don't remove equipment are fine. elaborate celebrations that delay the game are NOT. they have a game to play.. why can't you celebrate your TD as if you've scored before!

What do we know about the socks issue? Two players weren't wearing the proper socks. That's it. I'd rather get a little more information before I call the situation petty.

As far as Browner is concered, whether or not it was planned doesn't matter. It was still over the top. If they let him run into the stands and chug a beer, then where do they draw the line?

...mainly because the D doesn't do it on a regular basis, especially three turnovers in short order, in a game that meant something BIG to the winning team...

...I think there is a huge difference between premeditated choreographed celebrations and on the spot emotional ones...I suppose it would be difficult for the refs to determine one over the other though... I'll say fine, stop the joyety, score a TD and just drop the ball and go to your sideline....balls of fun...pffft...

It would be hard to determine, and it'd just lead to a lot of unnecessary confusion. Better to just set a standard. But that doesn't mean you have to just drop the ball and walk away. There's nothing wrong with doing a quick dance in the endzone and jumping around with your teammates.

...draw a line fine, whos to say your line is right?...better we draw the line at no celebration at all...the spontaneously No Fun League...its a slippery slope...

Bring back the Ickey Shuffle, after NFL review it wasn't banned. Chock one up for the N.F.L.ect...... :thup: But the Gizzmo Williams celebration was the class act with drama. :rockin:

...1981, willie 'white shoes' johnston of the vancouver whitecaps sets up a corner kick, reaches out and grabs a fans beer, downs it, kicks and scores....that is what fun is about....I know 'cause I saw it...

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I kind of like end zone hijinks. To me it adds to the game. Besides, these are young men who are thrilled to succeed. Why should I tell them to tone it down? Maybe they need a guideline, such as a time limit. Maybe no more than 15-30 seconds of horsing around?

Uniforms are called that for a reason. They need to use matching socks, and stop removing their gear in the middle of the game. I don't have beef with them running into crowd though, as long as it's within the 15-30 second time limit.

I'll wager that in many of these cases the team pays the fine for them.

Or just use a little bit of common sense... :roll:

I think the issue was probably with the extent of what Browner did in the stands. I've seen players jump up the wall so the fans could pat them on the back. I don't have a problem with that. I think where Browner crossed the line is he ran up into the stands, sat down, took someone's beer, splashed it on himself, took a sip, whatever. That was a bit much.

...'common sense' doesn't mean anything...what you think it might be is different than 6.5 billion others on the planet...

I think where he crossed the line was drinking the beer. Think about it: if you're at work and you drink on the job, doesn't your employer have the right to reprimand you? I think that can be called "common sense".

And I'm sick of people using the "slippery slope" argument. These people believe the world is black and white: you either allow nothing or allow everything. There are a whole lot of grey areas, and it's up to the CFL to determine which shades of grey are acceptable. Clearly they believe that chugging a beer in the middle of a game is not acceptable.

...I hate to say this but i agree with BigDave.....What's next...slippin some Bud into the gatorade barrell....Beer's are for after the game....not quaffing one down during it.......Browner is supposed to be a professional athlete....and i think he should act like one....I don't imagine the Huffer came down too hard on him...cuz the guy is a solid db. (probably why he thinks he can pull a stunt like that)...but once the league gets next guy might find himself sitting for a game or two.. :wink:

...I'm clearly out-voted here, and accept your views even though I feel they take a whole lot of fun out of the game when it comes to spontaneous celebrations...

...I would like to note though that Browner didn't actually drink a beer as some of you have claimed...ever tried to drink through a football facemask? sort of sloshed all over the place...minor point I know, but still needed to be said... any case, Roll On CFL!!! even if it's a little blander today than it was a week ago....

Im glad theyre actually fining players to get them to uphold some sort of standard. The socks is a bit much but the rule needs to be enforced. The touchdown celebrations though were really getting out of control though and it's about time the league showed some backbone about cracking down on this nonsense. A quick celebration on your own or with your teammates is fine but the emphasis really needs to be on the quick. The line of thinking really should be act like youve been there before

are you kidding me Paris Jackson's touchdown celebration was the worst one i've ever seen, but Arland Bruce should have been fined he's an overrated schmuck