CFL Financial Structure: A good time for change?

This opinions in this article make a lot of sense to me.

Perhaps with Mr. Braley no longer with a say in negotiations,
Some changes could now be made to the financial structure.


So the players want more money?

doesnt everybody

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No. Many people are taking pay cuts to keep their employment going .

Revenue sharing with CFL business model today will just sink all ships .

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul alone does not work .

This league must drastically change the entertainment of the sport and the ability for the average youth across Canada to play the game .

It needs to be built up brick by brick .

Pretending any longer this is CDN pro league because we have three downs and a bigger field does not fly anymore . That alone is killing consumer interest in the big cities .

Change the entertainment level for the consumer to watch and the ability for youth to actually play the game in Canada with success and you have a solid base to work with to feed the league with talent that stays in the league and the ability to sell a product that stands out from it's American version to the Canadian consumer .

If you think about it, the League has already had a different form of revenue sharing - every time a franchise gets supported by the other teams in the League. Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto, Saskatchewan, have been propped up in order to survive.
Revenue sharing works in other leagues due to the massive incomes of the teams. The CFL simply doesn't have that, and I would assume the operating costs of the teams are FAR more than the 50% the players are asking for...