CFL Final CIS Draft Rankings

As Drew points out the list is put together by the teams so it's widely suspected GMs fudge their true rankings in order to hide certain prospects from the spot light.

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Guys like O'Donnell and Sagesse seem to be falling, could we potentially get them with our two picks in the third round? A 6'10" OT that was good enough to get invited to the east-west shrine game and a 290lb DT that received coaching from a big time NCAA program.....

Pointless speculation is usually something I avoid like the plague, but since it's the depths of the off-season then,'s possible. Next question?

Think maybe there might be a reason they are falling and a guy like Swinston, who didn’t even attend the camp is suddenly in the top 15? O’Donell was exposed at the East -West and really didn’t show anything at the combine.

In Obie I Trust.

I don't care if draft Bugs Bunny. If we win the next Grey Cup then the roster is irrelevant.

Make it happen.

Loads of talent out there that's for sure. I don't follow this as much as some of you guys but thanks for bringing the article to my attn Ockham.

According to most sources (and as evidenced by his accent), Bugs Bunny spent his formative years in Brooklyn, so he would most likely be classified as an import and therefore not eligible for the draft.

Besides, I'm not sure he'd be willing to stay committed to the team during duck season or rabbit season, which in most of Ontario overlap with the crucial end of season run and the playoffs. I'd also question whether his attitude toward authority would make him a good fit here, though people used to say the same thing about Arland Bruce III.

Bugs Bunny is the ultimate underdog. He'd a perfect Tiger Cat.

I believe Albuquerque already has him on their neg list.

Draft hype is all very good but its interesting to note current stalwarts on the team like Hinds, Stala, Hage, Kirk, Yannick Carter, Mariuz, Barrenchea were all later round picks and in some cases much later.

Which is why the draft is such an imperfect science. So dont fret if some of the names drafted arent on the list.

I know perfectly well there will be the usual complaints, moans and groans about drafting unrecognizable names after the draft but it had to said.

Any draft can be a bit of a crapshoot (see Alexandre Daigle, NHL), but the CFL has a double whammy, with the top prospects possibly being lured south by the big bucks. So teams have to look at their first round picks as questionable whether they'll show up at training camp. (How long have we been waiting for Guigere?) So do teams pass on some top players or not, knowing that they have a good chance of making it in the NFL, at least onto a PR.

And as aluded to earlier, you never know if you're going to get a Dylan Barker, or a Chris Bauman with your first pick.

But it does give us fans something to talk about this time of year.

And as usual you'll be here to complain, moan and groan about them. They do it just to annoy you.

Barker may yet end up being a Bauman. This is a pivotal year for him. Has to take game to the next level.

Even if he fails miserably this year, he's still ahead of Bauman as he has already had more than two good games. (A little harsh?)

I thought he improved throughout last year. He seemed to be getting better at being in good position when he dropped back, and was fairly effective on the blitz, although still room for improvement there. I think he'll be solid for us this year, although that will depend to some extent on the other four guys around him.

Took Hitchcock about three seasons before he was a effective safety, again, this year Barker has to be better.

How about cutting the Canadian content so we can get some faster more talented guys at safety????
And maybe some decent Offensive lineman?


You could always just watch the NFL.

Or he could go watch the current crop of Americans down in the AFL, where Brad Banks and Tim Cheatwood are enjoying successful careers. :roll:

But what does that have to do with watching the CFL? The CFL is unique the 3 downs make the game more exciting, the bigger field makes the games exciting, the motion makes the game exciting, the returns on every kick rather than a fair catch makes the game exciting, the bigger end zone makes the game more exciting, the shorter time between plays makes the game more exciting, the 2 more players on the field makes the game more exciting..............................
The Canadian content DOESN'T make the game more exciting, it's the only CFL rule that DOESN'T make the game more exciting. How can you tell guys that "hey you may be faster and better than the guy over there but we have to give him a job because he's Canadian"!!!! It's unfair and it really Un Canadian and almost bigoted.
Canadians should be able to compete for a job one on one, if you can't then too bad.

Playing less capable players is not good for the CFLs image, it plays into the hands of those that call the CFL bush league or a league with players that are not very good. Why do you care where a guy is born? In the US they don't care where a person is born, NHL teams do very well with mostly foreign born players. I don't know what it would be like if they brought in a rule that said half the players had to be US born, same with soccer in the US. Even if there were very few Canadian players that made the CFL it would still be the CFL with our unique rules.

When I was young we didn't care where the Tiger Cat players came from, we just loved these guys. My heroes could have been American, Canadian, Russian I didn't care. I didn't know back then if there was a content rule, I didn't care. Turns out ALL my boy hood heroes were US born, do you think we cared? no we weren't bigotted or racist back then. Sports heroes transcend race or nationality, we just enjoy watching exciting players.
I don't get excited watching CFL Offensive LInemen not been able to protect their QB and been run over by skilled american born defensive linemen. No doubt we have some great Canadian players, but just not enough to make up 16 or so positions on a team.
Let me watch the Best players.

You are forgetting that you ARE watching the best players, THE best Canadian players supported by Americans who make the cut, Many Many American players come to the CFL, only to go back south because they cant beat out a Canadian incumbent.
Ben Johnson was fast, but was he a good football player??

So YOUR heroes all happen to be imports, You can not argue that there are no top CFL players who are Canadian.
Discriminating against our own home boys, is pretty sad.

The system is allready stacked against Canadians IMHO it's time to reduce the number of imports/ designate Canadian QB,s and for the CFL / Tiger Cats to invest in developement of amature programs in Ontario.