CFL film highlights

me and my friends have recently proposed a show to our local public access channel, the topic is the CFL. i was just wondering where we could get film highlights for free as we are making no profit from this. any help would be appreciated.

Chris any video you would get would have to come from the leagues blessing due to copyright laws.

The only place I can think of is from the league or CBC/TSN
Dont forget about the classic
"any reproduction, rebroadcast of this game in part or in its entirety without express written consent, is strictly prohibited"

ya beat me to it 05

i have contacted some people that can hopefully give me some answers.

I hope that these people, are the league
Good luck!

i have the email of the CFL's video master, it is a start

Dude, just record games and show the highlights you want, you're not trying to make a profit here, it's public access!!!...And the CFL needs all the exposure it can get, of course, leave it to the CFL to sue some fans trying to do the right thing. :roll:

You still need permision!

Pretty sure you are allowed to show clips of games as long as each clip is less than a given amount of time, something like seven seconds.

You should have no trouble getting permission as this sort of thing is done all the time. To show longer than a few seconds worth you would probably need the league's blessing in writing.

In Regina, the local cable company, Access Communications has a weekly program durning the season called "In The Huddle". Not sure if they get their clips from the team (which has their own broadcast team for the Tron) or from the broadcaster.

You might want to contact them to see how they do it. but I would send to both, just to make sure.

Best of luck with the program!

I am not sure about a maximum time for clips but it is always better to get permission first

So your saying permission is necessary ro? On the lighter side of things, heres what my attempt would look like. I'm a wreck in front of an audience.


Yes I am saying you need permission/

What part of "any reproduction in whole or in part with out written consent is prohibited" do you not follow?

Your taking about a licensed broadcaster here, so I don't think Chris needs permission from the league to show highlights from games. Just like sports casts do on all the major networks.

Piggy even the media has to have permission and for their use only. It is the same for the NFL. A bar in Dallas Texas would show highlights of the Dallas cowboys on the big screen. Those highlights were given to them from a TV network. The practice stopped until they got permission from the NFL. They now show it legally. The same applies for the CFL.

These highlights were not from a sportscast or TV broadcast.

Actually they do need permission to broadcast these clip. What they generally have is a blanket permission provided by the original broadcaster. Now in some instances the broadcaster requires a time embargo on when the clips can be used. The most recent example I can think of was around the last olymipics where outside broadcasters were restricted from showing highlights from some games until after a certain time in the evening.

While Canada does have a docterine of fair use in its copyright legislation that does allow for the quoting of material for the purpose of a review, even this has restrictions. You may notice that you will usually see at the end of a review program such as at the movies various credits which often say 'used by the courtesy of Paramount'.

So while it is general practice to allow sport highlights, other broadcasters do not have automatic permission to use these clips.

RO is correct it is always good to seek permission even though it will be given usually 10 times out of ten.

They won't say no to any exposure for the league and game. The only thing I would add for you is that if you are able to do this, just make sure at the end of your program you make it clear in the credits (either written or spoken) the names of all sources of any video or still pics you use.

I think Piggy means that if Chris was on show at a larger network they may have permission already. I don't think it's even worth debating though as Chris could call or visit the CRTC's website for all the answers he is seeking here.



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