CFL Figurines

I'm a collector of bobbleheads and player figurines. I think the bobbleheads have been done to death but I would really like to see a company out there do some CFL player figurines. The Mcfarlane NFL figurines are great, the detail is amazing. I think they could make good money by doing CFL ones too.

Would anyone else out there be interested in CFL player figurines?

I think it'd be kind of cool. I agree about the bobble heads. Played out.

I think the figurines have also been played out.

The problem with putting something like that out is that it is expensive and look at how fast people get traded or released in this league. There are only a few players you could make them for.

Look at the Cats, last year you would have done Moreno, Lumsden and Printers. 2009 doesn’t look like any of them will be playing for them.

I would like to see something released though.

You have a point... but you could still do it with some of the players... Ray, AC, Burris, Reynolds to name a few.

I understand your point. They could also definitly do a CFL Hall of Fame collection. Guys like the Flutie brothers, Clemons and Pringle would sell. Even a Warren Moon in his Eskimo uniform would be a good one, just like they did one of him wearing his Houston Oilers uni.

The McFarlane team sets are awesome. Just have to wait until they do one of a team I actually like...

McFarlane has gone from okay figures about 10 years ago to amazing figure now. I still can't believe they sell them for only 13 bucks at Walmart.

I think on the hockey side there are at least 15 different series of the regular figures and another 3 or 4 of the legends series. I think they are running out of ideas, they have a victory or vintage set with doug gilmour. He was an okay player in his day but they put out 2 figures, one in a Leafs uniform and one in a Flames uniform. It is neat to see him in a Flames uniform but does anybody really remember him there?

I like the idea of a hall of fame set. I'd love to see a Mosca, Barrow, Henley, Moon, Flutie, etc, figures, and I probably would collect them all!

The McFarlane set of players in uniforms you don't really remember them in was pretty neat. Seeing Bobby Orr in a Blackhawks uniform, Guy Lafleur in a Nords uniform, Bobby Hull in a Jets uniform, they were all great.

Back to football:

[url=] ... _01_dp.jpg[/url]

I would rather see the league do something in conjuntion with one of their sponsors, for example CFL stars player cards at Wendy's...

Sponsor cards would be nice. In the past that has been up to the individual teams but seeing a nation wide deal would be fantastic!

Anything but figurines, please.

Mrs MadJack works at Royal Doulton; we've got figurines coming out the wazoo here...........

…now c’mon MadJack…just imagine the whole Als. team in fine-bone china…decorating the living/dining room ,rec. room…Could be quite a collection…After you have all of the Als. players you could start on the rest of the teams…never know where it might end… :lol: :lol:

I like a player/ card idea myself…given away when you buy CFL tix. :thup:

OH geez papa don't start giving her ideas now..................

Between the figurines and the shoes, I have barely enough room to move in this place.

Actually the shoes are worse than the figurines...........she's filipina, and Imelda has nothing on her when it comes to shoes.

I don't know... when I think of trading cards, I think of little kids.

Wouldn't a figurine like that one be great if he were in his eskimos jersey? It would fly off the shelves.

Little kids can't afford trading cards anymore.

I knew the recession was getting bad, but damn! :lol:

I actually like the idea of trading cards.

I remember during the 2007 season, these very Forums were asked to select 12 players from each of the 8 teams to be included in a set produced by eXtreme Sports Cards. Each team featured 2 Outstanding Players and 5 Canadians. They also included 4 Hall of Fame player cards. They sold boxes that included the complete set for about $20, if even that much, at the Grey Cup. A possible return of these cards; perhaps a tie-in promotion where they'd be sold at Wendy's or other major CFL retail sponsors would be most welcome from myself.

I think the CFL should hook up with the Mint and make a commemorative coin set. Much like this one for the Olympics:

[url=] ... prod320012[/url]

They should definitely do this for the 100th GC. The Post Office should do a $1.00 stamp too.

It's been a while but the last time I looked those Upper Deck hockey cards were going for $3 or more for a pack of 6 or 8 cards. Not like the old days.