CFL fight songs

I don't hear fight songs being played at CFL games after a score.

Do any of the 9 teams have a fight song? NFL teams like the Washington Redskins, Houston Oilers, and maybe others have them.

Yes the Lions have "Roar you Lions Roar".

They all do. Years ago there was actually an album CFL fight songs. Most of them are REALLY outdated though, and wouldn't be very popular today, which is likely why you don't hear them.

HAMILTON TIGER-CATS — can't find the original
MONTREAL ALOUETTES — can't find the original

The Riders have two… Rider Pride & Green is the Colour.

They all suck.

Ottawa sounds like someone mixed some Celtic festival music with the theme music from Burt Reynolds' Deliverance movie. It sounds the best.

The rest sound like something from a 1960s Walt Disney movie starring Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke and Don Knotts.

They reflect the time period they were written in. There's a reason most teams don't play them.

If Montreal had this as their fight song for the players coming out of the tunnel at McGill, they'd be UNDEFEATED every year!:

Individual team management don't care? Isn't goosebumps part of the CFL experience to get the team/fans fired-up?

They can be rewritten or discarded for some other melody.

I don't think there are many fans clamoring to hear a fight song. Unlike American college football, marching bands aren't really a thing at games here (I miss the Argonotes though!)

Every home game touchdown the Ti-Cats play "Ti-Cats are hummin'" (usually during the game they start at the 45 second mark)

Anyways, every team had a whole bunch of them back in the 50s or earlier, but they clearly are dated and don't really fit in today.

I know the Ti-Cats used to play "We love those Cats, those Tiger-Cats" after the end of every home win, but I believe they stopped after Tim Hortons' Field came around (much to my disappointment).

Side Note: I always laugh at the Riders using Green is the color as it's so blatantly stolen from Chelsea.

I've also heard during half-time fairly often, Ottawa playing Big Joe Mufferaw

Here is the song that I associate with the Riders:

I agree they all sound pretty bad, even by the standards of 60 years ago. Not every team can be lucky enough to have their very own "Autumn Wind" I guess, but that's not to say they shouldn't keep trying to find one.

I still remember in the 80's the Ottawa Rough Riders would play Hawaii Five O theme or the Bonanza theme after a touchdown . The Fans absolutely LOVED it .

Hey, great song Sambo. Thanks for posting it!

Here is the thing I've never understood. The B.C. Lions had their own fight song which the fans seemed to love singing. It really got everybody rallying behind the team. When the song started playing, all of the fans would stand up and join in.
I don't know when the Lions stopped the tradition or why but they did. Anyways here is the song. [go to about the 35 sec mark for the lyrics]

Go Argos Go used to be played after Argo TDs around seven or eight years ago – sometimes the recording and sometimes live in stadium by the (now sadly disbanded) Argonotes. I for one loved it and wanted it to continue.

Ideally, any “anthem” used by a team would prompt a lot of crowd participation, the way Shout does at Buffalo Bills games and Chelsea Dagger does (did?) at Chicago Blackhawks games.

The orange lion looks like Bagheera.

The fight song sounds like interlude music into another scene in Jungle Book (the original cartoon movie).

"Green is the Colour" is played all the time at Rider games. Every time they score.

The Lions still do play the song after touchdowns.

That is true Viciouscircle. Unfortunately, they don't get the crowd 'into' it by having everyone stand and sing it out loud which I think was the idea. My wife used to love participating in the singing. Me not much but she sure did.