CFL FFC is Looking for Moncton Cancer Charity Info

Hello Ticat Fan Community:
CFL Fans Fight Cancer needs your help. CFLFFC hopes to help a local Monctan Cancer charity in the Moncton area with a fundraising effort. The challenge is finding one. Can anyone help us with the name of a Moncton Cancer Support Centre?
The options are endless on how to raise money and awareness to help the Moncton community deal with cancer but CFLFFC needs a charity or non-profit organization to give it to.

Ticat fans any help you can give is greatly appreciated.
Coordinator CFL Fans Fight Cancer

Hi Jarrett.

You and your group do wonderful work. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Doing a google search I came up with the following:

[url=] ... vices.html[/url]

I hope this helps. :rockin:

Thanks Mike. We CFLFFC always try to contribute to a local cancer charity for these events. It's just the right thing to do.
Keep the suggestions coming everyone. Talk to any friends you know out there. We really want a deserving charity that does good work.

Jare, maybe someone on this list of New Brunswick cancer staff might be able to lead you in the best direction:

[url=] ... gID1=12703[/url]

Our east coast connection Stan has a man on the Moncton soil helping us as well! I as soon as we have a charity finalized I'll be sure to let everyone know. Also keep your computor screen eyes peeled for the CFLFFC Touchdown Atlantic Meet and Greet!
Thanks for your interest and help with this everyone!