CFL: Feeder to NFL

I think the CFL should develop a partnership with the NFL and be a direct feeder to the NFL. Throw out the Canadian ratio and let the best players play. There will be still Canadians playing. In the NHL all kinds of players from diffrent countries are involved. The CFL has the best game. Lets have some $$$ from the NFL to pay these some good coin. With CFL rules and upgraded talent would equal awsome football.

Tiger Cats Forever :cowboy:

I disagree on so many levels. I don't know where to start. not want...

Why would the NFL pay for something they get now for free?

They don't call him Crazy Keeder for nothing...

I wouldn't want to lose control of the CFL to American interests and I think that's what would happen if the CFL became an official farm league to the NFL. Interesting to note that on the TFC Red Patch Forum, some posters there are calling for a Canadian Soccer League that is more along the lines of what the MLS is now, not the current CBL, because they find they can't find enough quality Canadians that are mandated to play for TFC as the MLSE rules dictate. The fans there don't seem to be saying remove the Canadian content, just form their own Canadian league. Hey, like the CFL is. Both in football and soccer we don't have the intense coaching and programs, or numbers, to produce a lot of players able to make it in the NFL or highest level of soccer in North America, the MLS.

We need to have opportunities for kids in this country to have a chance to play some pro ball after college, football, soccer, baseball, basketball etc. since so very few make it to the pros other than hockey.

what a very stupid comment, think about things before you say them, you want us to become a farm league to the NFL,

i know in some ways it looks that way know , but if you throw our canadian content out it will be a farm leauge.

As it stands we have mid season arrivals of NFL cuts. I never ever want to see mid season call ups of CFL talent to the NFL. The discretion of who stays on a CFL team has to reside with a given CFL team for the duration of the season. The day an NFL team has rights to call up a CFL player while his CFL team is making a playoff run is the day I stop watching the CFL.

That'll be it for me too joe, I'll then switch my money for seasons tickets to a CIS team pronto. The Grey Cup will then lose a lot of shine and lustre. Now, on the other hand, if we go all Canadian, that's a different story but I'm fine with the way it is now.

Talk like that, SHOULD get you banned before you post for a FIFTH time!!


The last pro feeder league for the NFL (and CFL) failed. That’s what would happen to the CFL too.

Out of almost 2000 NFL players....
12 are Canadians.
If the CFL adopted your plan...remember there are only 400 jobs in the CFL...simple math would tell you that there would be between 2-3 Canadian players in the entire CFL.
Personal insults are not allowed on here.... Let's just pretend that I did.

this has got to be the stupidest thread I've read in years...


The CFL and the NFL should collaborate on having a mutual feeder league they both could stock.and draw players from, that i would agree to. :cowboy:

i thought the NFL was more of a CFL feeder league then the other way around.

Even as an American and NFL fan relatively new to the CFL, I can't disagree more with this idea and have to agree with the dominant sentiment expressed below in response to it.

In fact as I commented separately, the option clause via the CBA in the CFL should be changed to 3+1 years from the current 1+1 to foster more Canadian football development instead of as much of this revolving door business across the border that in the end helps very few at the expense of the fans and overall consistency of quality of play in each league.

The CFL as it is needs far fewer rules changes (I can think of only six with three already in discussion by long-time fans of the CFL, two of them for both the CFL and NFL, and I'm sure all the same many will argue the CFL or NFL need none) than does the NFL does too, and the NFL sure could for sake of improvement change some of its rules, some of which would be borrowed from the CFL, to encourage less stoppage of play via fewer penalties and more special teams kick returns.

I don't know quite what to think of the current import rules in the CFL that took me awhile to understand at least for the most part, but when the CFL decides on rules that will promote the essence and distinctiveness of Canadian football so be it because I would not want to see the same thing north of the border as we have already down here from basically September through January at the NFL and college levels.

And if you are South of the border like me tell me you wouldn't take CFL ball in July and August over stupid NFL pre-season action? September through November is when things get really exciting and tricky and when you need more than one TV and monitor for sure.

At last count (if my math is right), the CFL has seen 14 players sign with NFL clubs. Could be 15 if Rickey Foley gets picked up.

Not really that many guys when you consider 300+ players in the league and I don't think this is a record year for NFL signings.

Anybody ever seen a complete list of CFL players signed each year by NFL clubs? Would be interesting to see.

Also, would be interesting to know how many get returned to the CFL as well.

Hmmm, I don't know about the records. I do believe that this season is getting close to a record.

And it sounds like you may soon be able to add Rey Williams of the Riders in that list of southbound players.

Yukoner, Chief aka The Chief Lord keeps a fine running list of this under the FA/Tx/Trade post on here, and I have commented there with regard to the revolving door between leagues and elsewhere that I do not like due to the current CFL collective bargaining agreement that mandates all players are offered a minimum of a 1+1 contract option, in case they want to go the NFL under the agreement, irrespective of whatever other options they are offered.

Hey, I can't take the credit. It's actually rtk350's list. I just help keep it updated. But yeah, it does list the guys who have signed with NFL teams...