CFL Fantasy: Who won Grey Cup Week?

TORONTO — The 2022 CFL Fantasy season has officially come to a close.

Much like the 109th Grey Cup the final week of the fantasy season ended in thrilling fashion as KGTR (61.8) outscored the runner-up by just 0.8 points to claim victory.

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Well in my opinion the fans from all teams who attended in Regina actually Won. The weather was pretty mild , there was lots of socializing going on, and the Game was exciting thru out the whole game as it was anybody's game until the very end. One complaint I had was the volunteers were not properly orientated. Most were not as helpful as they could have been. We asked many and they didn't know the answers of where to go or get things. And having everything under one roof was OK but expensive if you only wanted to take in 1 or 2 team events for 1 or 2 days.