CFL Fantasy Leagues and Picks

I've just created a TSN CFL Fantasy League for all you Charles Roberts fans as well:


Congratulations once again to all the very same CFL Fantasy players who somehow managed to pick all of the very same top point accumulators for the 2nd week in a row. I'm sure you will all somehow manage to do it again next week. The very same way... :wink:

With-in five of the Balticfox, join the CFL Fantasy Podcast League now!

It seems amazing that a few of the very same people who picked Mike Reilly and Derel Walker in Week 1 picked players such as Chris Streveler, William Powell, Andrew Harris, Eric Rogers, Luke Tasker, Brandon Banks and Greg Ellingson in Week 2. But with perhaps 15,000 participants, statistically some participants would do it. Those people are now of course near the top. But those same participants are not at all likely to persist getting really high scores.

It's a long twenty week season and consistency in this game is nearly impossible. The random element is just too large. The very best and cleverest participants overall will only start to emerge after about twelve weeks.


I would like to hear your player choices and Abendschan's player choices this week. I am not very good at TSN CFL Fantasy and could use some tips!

One thing is, every week player gems happen. Like which player is going to be the fantasy guy this week and then try to determine who to chance putting on one's roster. Looking at the leader rosters of weeks gone by can be a help by scrolling about. Not that far apart from one another; Balticfox 192.6, Abbey53 188.2, Sully 182.9, Doctor_Rod 180.6, Steinberg 176.8

The other thing about this year is that the bar has been set higher now that a point is also awarded for any pass reception. Last year a score of 80 in a week was very good. This year a fellow has to target an average score of close to 100 per week if he hopes to end up near the top.

Moreover I don't think top scores as high as this past week's will be typical. Participants who picked Chris Streveler lucked out when a lot of their high priced help in other positions performed above par. High price is no guaranty of high performance in any particular week. There's a large random element.


HannahNordman 181.5 and Krev Show 168.5 are writers on the CFL site and Balticfox is bang on, it's getting tougher!

My fantasy picks :

Megan Hilty
Kaitlyn Lawes
Neve Campbell
Princess Eugenie
Amy Adams

...but we might not be talking about the same thing.

I'll go with Michael "Geezer" Butler of Black Sabbath - Lyrics/Songwriter

Once again an otherwise excellent week was ruined by one pick for me last week. I agonized over picking the Eskimos Defence against the Tiger-Cats or the RedBlacks Defence against the Roughriders. I ended up choosing the Esks defence because it had gotten a rather good 9 points the first week and the RedBlacks Defence was an unknown against a Roughriders’ Offence that had shown a good bit of promise in the first week. What a disastrous decision that turned out to be! The Eskimos Defence got me -1 points, my worst single result at Fantasy ever while the RedBlacks Defence yielded 18 points, a 19 point differential! Scream!


Have any lingerie or swimsuit shots of your picks?


Week 3 Roster;

QB - Bo Levi Mitchell
RB - Andrew Harris
RB - Don Jackson
WR - Derel Walker
WR - Eric Rogers
Flex - D'haq Williams
D - Saskatchewan

Well we have three in common anyway. We'll see how things go starting tonight!


Edit: Eric Rogers in - Brandon Banks out
D Saskatchewan - Out Hamilton

Them there would just be fresh meat in these here parts!


So Coach June Jones has thrown a wrench into the works for me by not keeping Mercer Timmins pencilled in as the Tiger-Cats starting RB.


Achieved 104.1 pts. to 302.4 for now. Averaging 100 fantasy pts. per week, but one needs to be steady at 130 or so points to climb up and get back into that there race to the lead.

Is there a good reason why Trevor Harris is not listed as a QB choice for week 4?

Ah I just cut Messam and added Timmis .

Then cut Harris and added Masoli . :-\