CFL Fantasy Leagues and Picks

My name is Balticfox and in 2017 I kicked butt in TSN CFL Fantasy! I finished 62nd overall but I topped a number of sub-leagues including these big ones:

TSN 1040 Vancouver 1/196
TSN 1050 Toronto 1/178
The Angry Birds 1/133
TSN 690 Montreal 1/96
2017 CFL All-Stars 1/45
Blue Bombers 1/41

I also won a pair of tickets to a Blue Bombers home game by topping the standings of the TSN 1290 Winnipeg sub-league one week.

Well I'm back to both defend my titles this year and to add a few more straps around my mid-section! So if you're up to the challenge and think you can best a sly old fox, join here:

But only if you can endure the steady humiliation of course.


And please join some of these sub-leagues I've started:

Balticboys (for those of Baltic heritage)

Just Ploen Kenny! (for fans of Kenny Ploen)

Larks (for old time Alouette fans)

London Lords (for those from London, even from the one across the pond)

Ol' Spaghetti Legs (for fans of Jackie Parker)

Pinball Wizards (for fans of Mike Clemons)

Stegall's Soup Kitchen (for fans of Milt Stegall)

I'm lonely.


And I badly need more competition!


You're back? I never noticed you were gone.

Why is this at the top of the list?

Narcissistic much?

I'm back participating at TSN CFL Fantasy again this year. While I'm newly registered on this particular forum, I'm an old veteran on discussion forums overall.

To give other posters the opportunity to taunt me week after week now I presume.

Well if you got it, flaunt it!


So I've started several more sub-leagues for old time CFL fans:


Chester's Cookies

Dick's Shadow

Jacks and Indians

Lincolns and Locomotives

The Wisp!

Join now!



Geez... You're a "Legend in your own mind" there Foxy baltic...

You have I see noticed that I'm here though.


Why is this at the top of the list?
I actually had nothing to do with that part.


Wait till I start posting pics of my CFL card collection!


Okay. I'm in. Too easy...... :wink:

Which league(s)? Ol' Spaghetti Legs?

Any others?


Join now!

Ol' Spaghetti Legs

Join now!

Jacks and Indians

Lincolns and Locomotives

Stegall's Soup Kitchen

Join now!

The Wisp!

CFL Fantasy Podcast league

Join now!


Last year I started off picking a bunch of Tiger-Cats which left me with an abysmal score of less than 41 points and I had to play catch up until the last few games of the season.

This year though I'm off to a very respectable start with 94.8 points in the first week! Maintaining that pace for the entire year would leave me contending for top spot overall, but week-to-week consistency is really tough to achieve in fantasy.

The only decision I made that left me fuming all weekend was dropping Jalen Saunders (who garnered 18.8 points) in favour of Adarius Bowman who notched a big fat zero! Bowman had hooked up pretty well with young QB Chris Streveler in the first pre-season game and I thought the duo would have a decent chance of doing well against the Eskimos' pass defence while Jalen Saunders would have a lot more trouble against that of the Stampeders.

Second guessing of course is easy but still ... a zero? :o I don't remember ever earning so little from a pick! I'm thinking of leading a mob of torch and pitchfork carrying fantasy players on the path to Bowman's palatial dwelling.


So last year I joined a Public TSN CFL Fantasy League called the Wizards (I think). Well at about the halfway mark of the season I kept getting kicked out of the League. This I could understand though since I was kicking everybody's butt.

This year though my running mate "Scout the Cat" joined a Public League called the Jewish Mafia. (She likes the name I guess.) But she keeps getting kicked out of the League! Is this a program glitch or something? Because otherwise it's tough to believe that grown men wouldn't have the balls not to be scared of a girl joining their League.


I somehow lost my place after week one and didn't let me back in . They say they send you the new pw in the email but never received one .

There does seem to be a glitch .

Scout the Cat has been kicked out of the Jewish Mafia again. She's very much hurt and aggrieved with their continual rejection. She doesn't understand why they don't love her.


Likely nothing personal though. The Jewish Mafia is probably just another chapter of the He-Man Woman Haters Club:

No girls allowed of course.