CFL fantasy league?

Hey, any good CFL fantasy leagues out there? A few friends and i have been doing a weekly one and its lots of work because the CFL isn't too user friendly for using their stats. What the CFL needs is for its fans to lobby and get a fantasy league on there. That would be awesome!

Fooks runs a league every year. had one a couple years ago... not sure if they continued it last year.

what is fooks?

Now what, who. He's a user on here. Runs a pretty good fantasy league every year.

Got this reply from the sporting news. Wonder what the magic number would be to get this going, it would be a major accomplishment to be ranked with the big 4 as the americans put it.

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Unfortunately, it all comes down to sign ups and our analysts don't think there would be enough signups for a CFL game.

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I heard Americans call it the big 3 (guess which one is left out) anyway, this is where TSN (TV) needs to setup. They should the games. Gone on ESPN website, it's 50 times better than TSN's yet ESPN owns a piece of TSN. The only issue with ESPN is a lot of the articles you have to pay for. Obviously some people are doing that.

check out Sports Passport

a great idea where you can keep track of games you attended. Potential meet up with other fans and discuss games. I think either the cfl or TSN need to copy this for CFL game. I bet you'll have a lot of people doing more road trips and exploring our great country.

Interesting answer, does anyone thing 100,000 fans is possible for a CFL fantasy?

I'm sorry but its probably not going to happen. The sport does not have a big enough fan base to tap into yet. We would probably need over 100,000 sign ups to build a game for it. Maybe in the future there will be a game but for now I don't think we could build one.

Sporting News Fantasy Games

100,000 does not seem like a large number to me, even for a league whose fan base is almost exclusively contained in Canada, but I have no idea how popular fantasy leagues are relative to the popularity of the leagues themselves.

There seems to be a chicken-and-egg thing going on here. People who want it can't sign up for it, thus there is no way to show their interest. Yet without enough interest shown, there will be fantasy league to sign up to to show interest.

But the company is based in the United States, where most people either don't know about the CFL or they know about it but don't like it. Perhaps you're barking up the wrong tree.

Ya i suppose, if anyone has any contacts in TSN tell them to rad this, with a few companies advertising it might make em some money. Lest of all drive some more traffic to their website or get some of the younger crowd that only do NFL fantasy becasue thats all there is for football.

The CFL should promote a fantasy league on their website, this is a huge untapped market. They could easily attract 100,000 subscribers if the prizes were attractive enough. A trip for 2 to the GC or a $5000 Entertainment Centre for the overall winner; a 42" LCD for the monthly winners for starters. The weekly winner could win a signed game-worn jersey from any player in the league they choose. With those prizes, a CFL fantasy league could attract thousands of entrants. Get a sponsor to offer a free car as the grand prize and 100,000 would be attainable. :thup:

Wait a minute. It looks like TSN already does Fantasy CFL. Obviously nothing's going on right now, but here's the link

I don't know if that's what you're looking for, though.

Edit: there's also this link,

Right now, it looks like a copy of the main cfl page that you get at, but maybe it gives you something different when the season starts. Obviously I'm new to this.

That link is actually what I was referring to in my earlier post. did have a league two years ago. It was pretty interesting, and I believe it had some decent prizes... the problem is it had far too many glitches.

I don't know if they ran it last year. I didn't notice...

No I think thats just the under over line, but thanks
HAD some sort of CFL fantasy leagues up until a couple years ago…
but, unfortunately, they just didn’t get enough attention to warrant continuing.


I remember it was very mickey mouse. Maybe the CFL should be contact Yahoo or somebody that already has the concept down pat. It would be easy for Yahoo to make a few changes to their current NFL fantasy pools.

Have 4 other guys besides myself all lined up. Looking for one more. I thought I had the last spot filled but the guy who had it changed his mind the next person was not 18 years old yet and the third guy who wanted in does not respond so I am looking for one more person who enjoys fantasy football and is willing to participate for the season. Please send me a PM and I will respond with the rules and go from there.
Jacques :smiley: