CFL Fantasy Huddle

well i already said that im going to do a free, prizeless football pool over the forum, and im just checking to see who is interested.

Basically, you pick one QB, RB, WR/SB, DL, DB, and LB. So, Yes or No, who would join?

sounds complicated

how? u pick 6 players a week, maybe for the year. you just post in ona thread i’ll create, and i’ll post the results.

no interest?

This sounds pretty cool. I’d definitley be in.

Count me in
You would probably get more replies if everyone had the stomach to wait out the ridiculous amount of time it takes to get from post to post. I hope this is solved soon.
I think maybe there is alot of people from the old Huddle that haven’t yet signed up here as well.

i’m thinking…i get one fan for each team to represent their team in this fantasy football pool, and we can see who’s team will win

yeaaa I’m in!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

you can count me in. Remember last year when that guy had the virtual grey cup game, where you just pick the winning teams each week. He kept the stats and posted weekly with 50 or more players making picks. I hope he does it again.

im thinking of starting a test run for the upcoming season. ill try it out on the preseason, do i have any testers.

i’ll help you out. what will you call it so I know what thread to look for.

I’ll give it a shot.

ill do it… but i dont want to be held responsible for the great Lios, i always find a way to lose these things

itll be called…wait for it…the fantsay huddle

ok… ill try to remember that