CFL Fantasy Huddle

Is this still on this year? I know Eskimos32001 doesn't post here anymore, but he mentioned that he would be getting some volunteers to take over. Any word on who is doing this or if it will even be on this year?


The problem with Eskimos32001 is he disappears around
the third week. Turd did an admiral job taking over
from there, but judging by thirds lack of posting, i
doubt he has the time this year.

Unless we have someone else volunteer, or maybe do
it on a rotating base, i think it might be dead.

Which is a shame seeing as ive been thinking of some
real gems to pick this year. :lol:

I like the idea of rotating the workload, if that is the only way to keep the game afloat. Like you said it would be a shame to see such an entertaining game go to waste. If Third or someone else could tell us the formula they used for tabulating points a few guys could rotate the points duty for each new week. We'll see how much interest there is before we find out who is competing, but it should be done fast before the season starts.

I found the scoring system in one of Eskimos32001's old posts:

Scoring System:
3 QBs
3 RBs
3 WR?SBs
3 DL
3 LB
3 DB
2 K

You pick your team at the beginning of the year, which you cannot change til mid-season. You can the pick the above number per position, and you will start 2 for each week with the exception of only one kicker. You can only choose 2 of the 3 you pick at the beginning of the year, and you will have 8 add/drops at Week 8.

points sytem is as follows:


1 point per rushing / passing yard
1 point for every second passing yard
50 points per touchdown
-10 points per fumble
-25 points per INT thrown


10 points per tackle
10 points per deflected pass
25 points per sack
25 points per INT
25 points per forced fumble
25 points per fumble recovery
50 points per touchdown
40 points for team shutout (minus one point for every point scored against)

There will be 2 pools (Pool A and Pool B) . The top 4 scorers from each pool will make it into the playoffs (starting on Week 17) and will play other people from there pool in a head to head matchup. Week 19 will be the championship game with the two winners of each pool facing off.

Post if your interested in participating.

I'd be in and would be willing to tabulate the
scoring on a rotating basis with all involved.

Depending on the numbers we could have it that
only Pool A rotates and tabulates for Pool A and
same thing would occur for Pool B.

I'd like to suggest we get rid of the add/drop of

I'm interested. I'll wait a little longer before posting my team though since there are still a lot of cuts to be made.

Compared to the year prior to last, I very much disliked last year's team selection system. To me, it took all the fun out of it - I much prefered selecting an entirely new team each week. It kept me far more interested throughout the course of the season - I kinda checked out of last years' about week six or so.....guess that means I'm undecided at this point.....

I would be willing to give it a go again.. dont count on me for tabulating though, I suck at running puter programs,LOL

I'd be in. Jm wasn't that format for the last two years? I thought it was three years ago when we picked teams each week.

I was the exact opposite. I would like to see picks stand for the entire season and not change every week. You would then have to pick based on skill and whether a player is injury prone as well.

Pick 2 players of each position and you are stuck for the year. They get hurt or released...Too bad.

no Sporty, because I've only been here two years now.....last year was the change.

I agree with ro- you pick your team and your stuck with whoever you have chosen. I would allow for a trade of maybe 3 players at mid year and that’s it.

I would have no problem with a few trades at the half way mark.

I could do the league this year. I have experience tallying the scores and probably still have the spreadsheet around somewhere.

I agree with jm02 as well, I enjoy being able to change my players from week to week. I think it takes more skill to do that and be consistent than to name some big name players at the out and come back to see how they did.

Having said that, I will participate in whatever league the majority wants to do.

And Eskylo, I don't know if a rotating system would's a pretty involved scoring system and we would have inconsistencies depending on how some people interpret the rules.

Keep in mind that in last years system, each week, you choose 2 out of 3 players that you pick at the beginning of the season. There is no no more skill in that system because with 2 by-weeks for each team, most often you picked the 2 that were playing over the one that was not!

...I think we would all appreciate you stepping up to the plate Fooks and I for one would send you a coupon for a free large dipped DQ cone if you did...and this way I would join peaceful in the knowledge that Third_and_Ten has no hand in calculating the official points...

mmm..cone-y goodness.

As for bye weeks...they aren't much of an issue this year. Weeks 8 and 9 are the bye weeks with every other week having all teams play. The schedule makes a lot more sense this year because they could plan it, not cobble it together scant few months before the season because one team went 'poof'.

I agree that having 3 per position does give you some ability to pick out match ups and such, but it erases the ability to identify 5th receivers or a specific DB on a team that could have 1 huge game that season and cash in on it. It takes away a lot of the analysis that goes with fantasy football.

It can go either way, though I must say it's a lot less work to score a draft league than to score a league where anybody can totally change their team from week to week.

(Not to mention identifying who, exactly, those players are and on what team they play for some of the more obscure picks.)

I'd be willing to help Fooks with the scoring during the year if needed or fill in should he not be able to do it during a certain week. As for the rules, I'm fine with whatever format that people want.

If Fooks is willing to run the league, I'd have
no problem following his lead on how he'd like
the selections to be made.

As for obscure players, it would be easily solved by
having name and team the players on included in