CFL Fantasy Huddle Week Two

its time for week two, get your picks in.

if you didnt get in for week one, you can still join, just get your picks in for this week.

make sure the players you pick are playing this week.

have fun !

(for scoring system check CFL Fantasy Huddle Week One thread)

QB- Ray
QB- Greene
RB- Reynolds
RB- Roberts
WR- Dominguez
WR- Hervey
DL- Jenty
DL- Jurineak
LB- Eiben
LB- Hunt
DB- Frank
DB- Butler
K- Prefontaine

Im gonna stick with the same bunch
QB Anthony Calvillo MTL
QB Ricky Ray EDM
RB Kenton Keith SSK
RB Josh Ranek OTT
WR Jeremaine Copeland CAL
SB Ben Cahoon MTL
PK Noel Prefontaine TOR
LB Mike O'shea
LB Kevin Eiben
DL Ed Phillion
DL Joe Monford
DB Amondo Curry
DB Kelly Wiltshire

Hmm, well, throwing darts at the wall was good for 8th place...lets try it again this week...LOL

QB Ray & Calvillo
RB Roberts & Keith
WR Hervey & Copeland
LB Eiben & Coe
DL Phillion & Mountford
DB Sanchez & Wiltshire
K Flemming

first game is Thursday, so naturally....have your picks in by then, but dont rush

QB- calvilo
QB- Greene
RB- Roberts
RB- Keith
WR- Dominguez
WR- Hervey
DL- Montford
DL- Jurineak
LB- Grace
LB- Hunt
DB- Mcalla
DB- Ivory
K- Mcallum

I Gotta Say, It's Always Hard To Figgure Out Which D-Backs I'm Going To Pick, And This Week Is Not Exception

A. Calvio
R. Ray

T. Davis
J. Jenkins

B. Cahoon
Q. Cavil

S. Schultz
E. England

AJ. Gass
K. Eiban

LD. McCalla
O. Morgan

D. Duval

Who is J. Jenkins? A mix between J. Reynolds and R. Jenkins? :wink:

I go with a team mostly filled with Montrealers. Go Als !

QB - Anthony Calvillo (Mtl)
QB - Ricky Ray (Edm)
RB - Josh Ranek (Ott)
RB - Troy Davis (Hml)
WR/SB - M. Dominguez (Ssk)
WR/SB - B Cahoon (Mtl)
DL - Terrel Jurineack (Ssk)
DL - Marc Megna (Mtl)
LB - Duane Butler (Mtl)
LB - Timothy Strickland (Mtl)
DB - Orlondo Steinauer (Tor)
DB - Malcolm Frank (Edm)
K - Noel Prefontaine (Tor)

ya, if thats not clarified....0 pts.

Alrite didnt do half bad in week 1 so here are my week 2 picks.
QB's - Anthony Cavillo, and Ricky Ray
RB's - Josh Ranek, and Troy Davis
WR's/SB's - Jermaine Copeland, and DJ Flick
DL - Mark Megna, and Ed Philion
DB's - Orlando Steinauer, and Kelly Wiltshire
K - Paul McCallum

you need LBs ticat

oohh shoot eh thx Eskimos32001
LB's - Kevin Eiben, and Timothy Strickland

Here goes:

QB A.Calvillo MTL
RB E.Joseph EDM
RB C.Holmes SSK
WR D.Stala MTL
WR J.Tucker EDM
DL A.Stewart MTL
DL J.Brown TOR
LB D.Butler MTL
LB T.Strickland MTL
DB R.Durden MTL
K D.Duval MTL

QB Calvio A MTL
RB Holmes C SASK
RB Joseph E EDM
WR Mitchell D EDM
SB Tucker J EDM
DL Montford J EDM
DL Jenty R EDM
LB Strickland T MTL
DB Frank M EDM
DB Wiltshire K EDM
K Fleming EDM

QB- Ray
QB- Greene
RB- Elvis
RB- Holmes
WR- Dominguez
WR- French
DL- Davis
DL- Schultz
LB- Mitchell
LB- Hunt
DB- Hall
DB- Bush
K- McCallum

My week 2 will look a lot like week 1, but with a change: QB’s: Ray and Calvillo, RB’s: Davis and Keith WR/SB: Cahoon and Dominguez PK: Prefontaine LB’s: Eiben and Hunt DL’s: England and Montford DB’s: Ivory and Wiltshire.

wooootttt ! Good luck everybody !

QB Anthony Calvillo (Mon)
QB Danny McMannus (Ham)
RB Troy Davis (Ham)
RB Josh Ranek (Ott)
SB Geroy Simon (Van)
WR Ben Cahoon (Mon)
DL Marc Megna (Mon)
DL Joe Montford (Edm)
LB Tim Strickland (Mon)
LB Duane Butler(Mon)
DB Clifford Ivory (Tor)
DB Davis Sanchez (Edm)
K Noel Prefontaine (Tor)

......time for some changes..........obviously my long shots in week one didn't pay off...........I can still hear 3/10 snickering away in the corner............

QB - Calvillo MTL
QB - Ray EDM
RB - Reynolds CAL
RB - Ranek OTT
SB - Cahoon MTL
SB - Hervey EDM
PK - McCallum, SSK
DL - Maxie CAL
DL - Montford EDM
LB - Coe CAL
LB - Strickland MTL
DB - Wiltshire EDM
DB – Malveaux MTL

and RedandWhite is gonna make the same mistake as last week by not designating a kicker...and he also had Carl Kidd last week, who was injured.