CFL Fantasy Huddle Week Twenty

....In the name of all the competitors I promise that we shall take part in this week's picks, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, committing ourselves to a non-monetary gambling pool without doping and without drugs, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams........... em...............

QB - Kevin Eakins (Hml)
QB - Michael Bishop (Tor)
HB - Jesse Lumsden (Hml)
HB - Eric Lapointe (Mtl)
WR - Paris Jackson (BC)
WR - Sylvain Girard (Mtl)
DL - Felipe Claybrooks (Mtl)
DL - Kai Ellis (Ott)
LB - Kyries Hebert (Ott)
LB - Mike Botterill (Mtl)
DB - Tay Cody (Hml)
DB - Ryan Philips (BC)
K - Mark McLoughlin (BC)

I may change my list if I can think of better players who have not been picked yet in the Fantasy Pool this year.

I have picked both Lumsden and Hebert this year just to let you know. One of those crazy Als fans has also picked Botterill (I think they try to outdo each other by picking the most obscure starting Montreal defender they can find.)

Alsalltheway had also picked Claybrooks...Don't even think about Mark Word either.

Dang. I don't know what I'm going to do. It's not easy trying to establish a list of guys no-one should pick while still having a tiny chance they actually do something on the field.

And as for Word, I would not pick him even if he was the only d-lineman of the league playing.

Can fullbacks be taken in the running back spot?

…….Homage to the East picks for week 20:

QB – Calvillo, MTL
QB – Allen, TOR
RB – Johnson, TOR
RB – Edwards, MTL
SB – Cahoon, MTL
SB – Bruce, TOR
PK – Duval, MTL
DL – Stewart, MTL
DL – Philion, MTL
LB – Eiben, TOR
LB – O’Shea, TOR
DB – Ivory, TOR
DB – Karikari, MTL

you know…considering the teams they are playing…some of those players might still be the high scorer of the week, even if they only play one half or so.

....stragety Fooks, me use stragety again........

(for this pool I'm only using 1/8 of my brain so ThirdandTen has a fighting chance)

It's Kinda Hard To Make The Picks This Week Since It's Unsure Whos Going To Start And Who Will Be Staying Healthy On The Bench.

D. Allen
R. Ray

J. Johnson (Tor) I Was Going To Pick Him Last Week So Howfully He'll Have A Repeat Performance This Week.
R. Edwards

J. Tucker
D. Stala

A. Stewart
J. Brown

B. Simpson
K. Eiban

R. Karikari
O. Steinauer

N. Prefontain

Well Let's See How They Do.

It's a crapshoot taking East players this week, but, here goes nothing (which is what I might end up scoring):
QB: Burris and Calvillo (not sure how much Allen will be in this week)
RB: J. Johnson (Tor) and Warren
WR/SB: Mitchell and Copeland
DL: Maxie and Cheatwood
LB: Eiben and Grace
DB: Karikari and Ivory
K: DeAngelis

guess what boys.....i'm back!!

you guys lose tonight esks32001??

Wow, what a tough week. I think I'll do the crazies and load up on players from teams whose games mean something. The darts have been discarded...I'm thinking about it this week...(DANGER! Last place here I come!)

QB Burris, Ray
RD Reynolds, Davis
WR Thelwell, Tucker
DL Maxie, Mountford
LB Grace, Simpson
DB Ivory, Karikari
K DeAngeles

Thanks again Fooks & Eskimos 32001
Good Luck to everyone else!

Calvillo MTL
Warren BC
Davis EDM
Watkins MTL
Anderson MTL
Word MTL
Montford EDM
Dorvelus MTL
White CAL
Karikari MTL
Banks OTT
Duval MTL

QB – Calvillo
QB – Ray
RB – Johnson
RB – Edwards
SB – Cahoon
SB – Stalla
PK – Duval
DL – Stewart
DL – Philion
LB – Eiben
LB – O’Shea
DB – Steinauer
DB – Karikari


Crappy. I know what it is like. We wnet 6-1 in my grade 12 year, and lost by 1 point in the finals. We won it all the year before though, so I do know both sides. You guys losing a lot of players?

this was our chance to be provincial champs, our o-line this year averages about 280 lbs. a person, next year it'll be about 200 a we're losing 11 starting defense players, the players who were key in building us the best defense in a long time. the only positives we got going is we got a few real good players coming up...maybe not provincial calabre next year, but we'll be okay

Sorry to hear that. good luck next year anyways though.

And here are my picks.

QB - Burris
QB - Ray
RB - Edwards
RB - Davis
Rec - Copeland
Rec - Moore
DL - N.Davis
DL - Montford
LB - Hunt
LB - Simpson
DB - Morgan
DB - Banks

edit I forgot a kicker: McCallum

Thanks jm02

Calvillo (Mon)
Allen (Tor)
Lapointe (Mon)
Reynolds (Cal)
Girard (Mon)
Yeast (Ham)
Belly (Ham)
Word (Mon) :evil:
O'Shea (Tor)
Butler (Mon)
Proulx (Mon)
Ivory (Tor)
Duval (Mon)