CFL Fantasy Huddle Week Twelve

It seems Eskismos32001 is busy so I'll start his weeks.

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Ricky Ray (Edmonton Eskimos)
Damon Allen (Toronto Argonauts)

John Avery (Toronto Argonauts)
Charles Roberts (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

[u]Wide Receivers/Slot Backs[/u]
Jason Tucker (Edmonton Eskimos)
Robert Bakker (Toronto Argonauts)

[u]Defensive Line[/u]
Joe Montford (Edmonton Eskimos)
Anthony Collier (Ottawa Renegades)

Barrin Simpson (BC Lions)
Agustin Barrenechea (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)

[u]Defensive Backs[/u]
Orlando Steinhauer (Toronto Argonauts)
Davis Sanchez (Edmonton Eskimos)

Hayden Epstein (Edmonton Eskimos)

QB - Ray -edm
QB - Allen -tor
RB - Kieth - ssk
RB - Warren - bc
rec - Clermont - bc
rec - Stegal - win
DL - Jeanty - edm
DL - Shultz - ssk
LB - G. White - cal
LB - Eiben - tor
DB - Morgan - ssk
DB - Ivory - tor
K - Prefontaine - tor

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QB's Ray, Allen
RB's Roberts, Warren
WR's Tucker, Simon
DL Jeanty, Collier
LB Grace, Eiben
DB Steinhaurer Sanchez
K Prefontaine

QB’s Ray, Allen
RB’s Roberts, Warren
WR’s Tucker, Stegal
DL Montford, Collier
LB Simpson, Eiben
DB Steinhaurer, Sanchez
K Prefontaine

......Picks for week 12:

QB – Burris, CAL
QB – Allen, TOR
RB – Warren, BC
RB – Roberts, WINN
SB – Simon, BC
SB – Copeland, CAL
PK - DeAngelis, CAL
DL – Abdullah, CAL
DL – Montford, EDM
LB – Grace, CAL
LB – Eiben, TOR
DB – Karikari, MTL
DB – Gordon, SSK

QB's - Ricky Ray and Danny McManus (hes impresed me the last two weeks)
RB's - Kenton Keith and Antonio Warren
WR's/SB's - Milt Stegall and Jason Clermont
DL - Anthony Collier and James Cotton (just because of his TD last week)
LB's - Agustin Barrenechea and John Grace
DB's - Davis Sanchez and Tad Kornegay (FYI: He plays for the Ti-cats)
K - Damon Duval

QBs - Allen, Crandell
RBs - Keith, Warren
WR/SBs - Tucker, Simon
DL - Montford, Schultz
LBs - Eiben, Grace
DB - Sanchez, Gordon
PK - Prefontaine

o for the love of God! sorry, i know you made this thread and thanks....but just look at the thread on week 11, capitals like that....sorry about results, have football

QB - Ricky Ray
QB - Marcus Crandell
RB - Charles Roberts
RB - Antonio Warren
WR - Jason Tucker
WR - Robert Baker
DL - Joe Montford
DL - Brent Johnson
LB - Barrin Simpson
LB - Kevin Eiben
DB - Kelly Wiltshire
DB - Willie Fields
K - Hayden Epstien

QB's : Allen and Ray
RBs: Warren and Keith
SB/WR: Tucker and Miles
DL: Montford and Belli
LB: Eiben and Hunt
DB: Sanchez and Steinhauer
K: Epstein

I haven’t heard this much complaining since … well I guess 6 hours ago from one of my employees. It’s changed, does it meet your satisfaction?

QB - Ricky Ray (Edm)
QB - Kevin Glenn (Wpg)
HB - Josh Ranek (Ott)
HB - Antonio Warren (BC)
WR - Derrel Mitchell (Edm)
WR - Brett Ralph (Cgy)
DL - Jerome Haywood (Ott)
DL - Anthony Collier (Ott)
LB - George White (Cgy)
LB - Michael Fletcher (Tor)
DB - Donnie Brady (Edm)
DB - Willie Fields (Wpg)
K - Sandro DeAngelis (Cgy)

As i push for the top it's getting tougher and tougher...every defensive player i pick seems to disappear off the field.


QB- Ricky Ray EDM, Danny McManus HAM
RB- Antonio Warren BC, Kenton Keith SSK
WR- Jason Tucker EDM, Arland Bruce TOR
DL- Joe Montford EDM, Tom Canada WPG
LB- Singor Mobley EDM, John Grace CGY
DB- Malcolm Frank EDM, Clifford Ivory TOR
K- Sandro DeAngelis CGY

QB- R. Ray (Edm)
QB- Allen (Tor)
RB- Roberts (Win)
RB- Reynolds (Cal)
WR- Copeland (Cal)
WR- Tucker (Edm)
DL- Jeanty (Edm)
DL- Montford (Edm)
LB- Simpson (BC)
LB- Eiben (Tor)
DB- Gordon (Sask)
DB- Sanchez (Edm)
K- PreFontaine (Tor)

QB: Ray and Glenn (EDM,WPG)
RB: Ranek and Roberts (OTT,WPG)
WR: Tucker and Armstead (EDM,OTT)
DL: Collier and Jeanty (OTT,EDM)
LB: Eiben and Hebert (TOR,OTT)
DB: Banks and Miles (OTT,BC)
K: DeAngelis (CAL)

Eskie 32001, I Understand Your Predicament, With School Starting This Week Sadly The CFL Forum Takes A Backseat. Even I Am Barely Able To Get My Picks In Before The First Game.

R. Ray
K. Glenn

J. Avery
A. Warren

J. Tucker
R. Baker

J. Montford
N. Cantor

AJ Gass
B. Simpson

O. Stienauer
M. Frank

D. O'Mahony

51 minutes before the first game

QB Ray Edm
QB Allen Tor
RB Keith Sask
RB Warren BC
WR Tucker Edm
WR Baker Tor
DL Montford Edm
DL Johnson B.C
LB Grace Cal
LB Simpson B.C
DB Sanchez Edm
DB Banks Ott
K McCallum Sask