CFL Fantasy Huddle Week Ten

ok.....i just cant get the results done this week...i'm about 95% on that. i'll see, but if someone wants to take over this week, it'd be a real load off my shoulders. PM me

but here goes week 10, post'em


Let’s see what happens this week> I’ll try:
QB’s: Allen and Ray
RB’s: Edwards and Roberts
SB/WR: Mitchell and Baker
DL: Canada and Montford
LB: Eiben and Simpson
DB: Steinhauer and Wiltshire
K: Duval

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…….Picks for week 10:

QB – Burris, CAL
QB – Calvillo, MTL
RB – Warren, BC
RB – Reynolds, CAL
SB – Simon, BC
SB – Copeland, CAL
PK - DeAngelis, CAL
DL – Abdullah, CAL
DL – Montford, EDM
LB – Grace, CAL
LB – Gass, EDM
DB – Karikari, MTL
DB – Wiltshire, EDM

…….and I’ll be away from any sign of civilization for the week leading up to labour day so here are my picks for week 11:

QB – Calvillo, MTL
QB – Allen, TOR
RB – Edwards, MTL
RB – Holmes, SSK
SB – Talbot, TOR
SB – Copeland, CAL
PK - DeAngelis, CAL
DL – Abdullah, CAL
DL – Fleming, WINN.
LB – Grace, CAL
LB – Eiben, TOR
DB – Karikari, MTL
DB – Gordon, SSK

Week 10 Pics

QB's - Henry Burris and Damon Allen
RB's - Charles Roberts and Robert Edwards
WR's/SB's - Geroy Simon and Jason Tucker
DL - Tom Canada and Tim Cheatwood (just because)
LB's - Barrin Simpson and John Grace
DB's - Richard Karikari and Kelly Wiltshire
K - Sandro DeAngelis

QB- Glenn
QB- Allen
RB- Roberts
RB- Reynolds
WR- Baker
WR- Tucker
DL- Canada
DL- Montford
LB- Eiben
LB- Simpson
DB- Karikari
DB- Morgan
K- DesAngelis

QBs - Burris, Ray
RBs - Reynolds, Roberts
WR/SBs - Mitchell, Simon
DL - Montford, Canada
LB - Eiben, Simpson
DB - Wiltshire, Morgan
K - DeAngelis

Thanks, 32001!

PM those to me so i can post them next week


Week 10

QB Anthony Calvillo (Mon)
QB D. Allen (Tor)
RB Edwards(Mon)
RB Reynolds (Cal)
SB Terry Vaughn (Mon)
SB Sylvain Girard (Mon)
DL Megna(Mon)
DL A. Stewart (Mon)
LB Tim Strickland (Mon)
LB Duane Butler(Mon)
DB Curry(Mon)
DB R. Karikari (Mon)
K Duval (Mon)

QB – Burris
QB – Glenn
RB – Edwards
RB – Kieth
R -- Simon
R – Copeland
PK - DeAngelis
DL – Shultz
DL – Fleming
LB – Grace
LB – Hunt
DB – Karikari
DB – Morgan

D. Allen
A. Callvio

C. Roberts
J. Reynolds

A. Bruce
G. Simon

E. England
T. Williams

B. Simpson
K. Eiban

W. Lysack
R. Karikari

N. Prefontain

Gonna get my picks a little earlier than usual, so here we go:

QB's: Printers, Ray
RB's: Roberts (Wpg), Edwards (Mtl)
WR's: Tucker (Edm), Baker (Tor)
DL: Fleming (Wpg), Jeanty (Edm)
LB: Simpson (BC), Eiben (Tor)
DB: Steinauer (Tor), Fields (Wpg)
K: Duval (Mtl)

is printers suposed to play? how bad was dickenson's injury?

Ricky Ray (Edmonton)
Damon Allen (Toronto)

Charles Roberts (Winnipeg)
Jeoffrey Reynolds (Calgary)

[u]Wide Receiver/Slotbacks[/u]
Jason Tucker (Edmonton)
Geroy Simon (BC Lions)

[u]Defensive Line[/u]
Joe Montford (Edmonton)
Tim Cheatwood (Hamilon)

Barrin Simpson (BC Lions)
Singor Mobley (Edmonton)

[u]Defensive Back[/u]
Wes Lysack (Winnipeg)
Davis Sanchez (Edmonton)

Hayden Epstein (Edmonton)

QB- Allen
RB- Warren
RB- Reynolds
WR- Copeland
WR- Tucker
DL- Flemming
DL- Montford
LB- Eiben
LB- Simpson
DB- Karikari
DB- Morgan
K- DesAngelis

QB- Ricky Ray EDM, Henry Burris CGY
RB- Antonio Warren BC, Joffrey Reynolds CGY
WR- Jason Tucker EDM, Geroy Simon BC
DL- Joe Montford EDM, Brent Johnson BC
LB- John Grace CGY, Singor Mobley EDM
DB- Davis Sanchez EDM, Clifford Ivory TOR
K- Sandro DeAngelis CGY

Ricky Ray
Henry Burris
Charles Roberts
Antonio Warren
Jason Tucker
Arland Bruce
Joe Montford
Eric England
Steve Marsh
Kevin Eiben
Shannon Garrett
Orlando Steinauer

QB Dickenson (BC) Burris (CGY
RB Roberts (WIN) Reynolds(CGY)
WR Vaughn(MON) Simon(BC)
DL Johnson (BC) Montford(EDM)
LB Eiben(TO) Fletcher (TO)
DB Sanchez(EDM) Karikari(MON)
PK DeAngelis(CGY)

QB Ray (Edm)
QB Calvillo (Mon)
RB Roberts (Win)
RB Warren (BC)
WR Copeland (Cal)
WR Simon (BC)
DL Johnson (BC)
DL England (Tor)
LB Simpson (BC)
LB Grace (Cal)
DB Ivory (Tor)
DB Lysak (Win)
K Deangalis (Cal)