CFL Fantasy Huddle Week Sixteen

Post em

Here's mine..

Kerry Joseph (Ottawa)
Anthony Calvillo (Montreal)

Charles Roberts (Winnipeg)
Robert Edwards (Montreal)

Ed Hervey (Edmonton)
Ben Cahoon (Montreal)

[u]Defensive Line[/u]
Joe Montford (Edmonton)
Jonathon Brown (Toronto)

Singor Mobley (Edmonton)
Michael Fletcher (Toronto)

[u]Defensive Backs[/u]
Korey Banks (Ottawa)
Davis Sanchez (Edmonton)

Damon Duval (Montreal)

QB - Allen
QB - Ray
RB - Ranek
RB - Davis
Rec - Simon
Rec - Stegall
DL - Shultz
DL- Stewart
LB - Eiben
LB - Mobley
DB - Morgan
DB - Durden
K - Duval

haha. I went with a theme. for every position I have the opposing teams. probably not the smartest but hey. I really don't care much about this pool. I'm WAY behind

…….Picks for week 16:

QB – Joseph, OTT
QB – Allen, TOR
RB – Ranek, OTT
RB – Warren, BC
SB – Clermont, BC
SB – Bruce, TOR
PK – Duval, MTL
DL – Johnson, BC
DL – Perry, SSK
LB – Eiben, TOR
LB – Kidd, BC
DB – Coleman, OTT
DB – Banks, OTT

In response to getting royally done-in by picking several Eskimos last week, I am waging an individual protest whereby I will not pick one Edmonton player this week. Anyone willing to wager this will come back to bite me in the rear also?

QBs - Allen, Joseph
RBs - Warren, Ranek
SB/WRs - Bruce, Watkins
DL - Stewart, Perry
LBs - Eiben, Karikari
DBs - Morgan, Banks
K - Duval

Thanks guys!

...maybe your ID is a secret masocist and you unknowingly enjoy getting bit in the rear?......your picks are therefore a reflection of a devious subconscience.......

.....damn.....I've been discovered.....

Wow, Tough to pick this week. I know what jm02 feels like, I wanted to take some Esks but....Hmmm.

Here we go:

QB: Calvillo, Allen
RB: C. Roberts, Ranek
Rec : Cahoon, A. Bruce
DL : A. Stewart, Mountford
LB : Eiban, Mobely
DB: O. Morgan, Banks
K: Duval

Did my edit...Roberts in Davis out.

QB – Calvillo MTL
QB – Allen, TOR
RB – Edwards Mtl (I hope he is playing)
RB – Warren, BC
SB – Cahoon, Mtl
SB – Bruce, TOR
PK – Duval, MTL
DL – Johnson, BC
DL –Claybrooks, MTL
LB – Eiben, TOR
LB – Kidd, BC
DB – Coleman, OTT
DB – Banks, OTT

Since Davis has been traded and probably won't play, can I switch him and take Charles Roberts???

go for it, just edit ur picks before kickoff

I'll try to keep it balanced and pick someone from each team... No, that doesn't include Calgary.

QB - Anthony Calvillo (Mtl)
QB - Ricky Ray (Edm)
HB - Kenton Keith (Ssk)
HB - Antonio Warren (BC)
WR - Kerry Watkins (Mtl)
WR - Jason Tucker (Edm)
DL - Joe Flemming (Wpg)
DL - Adriano Belli (Hml)
LB - Michael Fletcher (Tor)
LB - Agustin Barrenechea (Hml)
DB - Richard Karikari (Mtl)
DB - Korey Banks (Ott)
K - Noel Prefontaine (Tor)

Here are my week 16 picks:
QB- Anthony Calvillo (MTL)
QB- Damon Allen (TOR)
RB- Robert Edwards (MTL)
RB- Charles Roberts (WPG)
WR- Elijah Thurmon (SK)
WR- Terry Vaughn (MTL)
DL- Fred Perry (SK)
DL- Anwar Stewart (MTL)
LB- Kevin Eiben (TOR)
LB- Singor Mobley (EDM)
DB- Omar Morgan (SK)
DB- Korey Banks (OTT)
P/K- Noel Prefontaine (TOR)

QB: Allen and Calvillo
RB: Roberts and Warren
SB/WR: Bruce and Cahoon
DL: Brown and Cheatwood
LB: Eiben and Hunt
DB: Steinhauer and Karikari
K: Prefontaine

QB Joseph (Ott)
QB Calvillo (Mon)
RB Ranek (Ott)
RB Keith (Sask)
WR Thurmon (Sask)
WR Simon (BC)
DL Cheatwood (Ham)
DL Perry (Sask)
LB Eiben (Tor)
LB Fletcher (Tor)
DB Banks (Ott)
DB Bush (Sask)
K Prefontaine (Tor)

Calvillo (Mon)
Allen (Tor)
Edwards (Mon)
Ranek (Ott)
Watkins (Mon)
Bruce (Tor)
Monford (Edm)
Word (Mon)
Garrison (Mon)
Strickland (Mon)
Karikari (Mon)
Curry (Mon)
Duval (Mon)

I think I may have "out-thinked" myself this week...that or I'm a genius..we'll see....


QB: Calvillo
QB: Joseph
RB: Edwards
RB: Lumsden
WR: Watkins
WR: Stala
DL: Claybrooks
DL: Johnson
LB: Botterhill
LB: Strickland
DB: Karikari
DB: Banks
K: Prefontaine

Dang...Als_All_The_Way beat me to it, but I'm taking Lumsden too.

QB's: Calvillo (Mtl), Joseph (Ott)
RB's: Lumsden (Ham), Warren (BC)
WR's: Bruce (Tor), Thelwell (BC)
DL: Stewart (Mtl), Cheatwood (Ham)
LB: Fletcher (Tor), Simpson (BC)
DB: Banks (Ott), Miles (BC)
K: Boreham (Ham)

A. Calvillo
D. Dickenson

J. Ranek
R. McClendon

J. Armstead
B. Cahoon

E. Philion
J. Brown

B. Simpson
S. Mobley

R. Karikari
W. Lysack

D. Duval

Hey Morgan looks like he is out this week. so in his place I will but
DB- McCalla