CFL Fantasy Huddle Week Seventeen

Get a early start this week! Eskimos32001.. where are you!? lol Can someone else do them for him, he's busy most likely and I don't know how what the point system is.

Ricky Ray (Edmonton Eskimos)
Anthony Calvillo (Montreal Allouettes)

Charles Roberts (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
Jeoffrey Reynolds (Calgary Stampeders)

[u]Wide Receivers[/u]
Kerry Watkins (Montreal Allouettes)
Jason Tucker (Edmonton Eskimos)

[u]Defensive Line[/u]
Joe Montford (Edmonton Eskimos)
James Cotton (Hamilton Tiger Cats)

Mike O'Shea (Toronto Argonauts)
Agustin Barrenechea (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)

[u]Defensive Backs[/u]
Donny Brady (Edmonton Eskimos)
Wes Lysack (Calgary Stampeders)

Noel Prefontaine (Toronto Argonauts)

…….Picks for week 17:

QB – Burris, CGY
QB – Allen, TOR
RB – Reynolds, CGY
RB – Davis, EDM
SB – Copeland, CGY
SB – Bruce, TOR
PK – DeAngelis, CGY
DL – Abdullah, CGY
DL – Philion, MTL
LB – Grace, CGY
LB – Eiben, TOR
DB – Karikari, MTL
DB – Boese, CGY

i said i would able to do them, but i forgot there were games on Monday and now i can't....sorry

It’s cool. Can you post the points system or PM them to me? And How did you do you do it? Do you do it team-by-team? Thanks, I’ll do last weeks with the thanksgiving games. I think someone needs to do the week before that though!!

EsksTMac, those stats have been done already.

Here goes.....

QBs - Allen, Calvillo
RBs - Roberts, Reynolds
SB/WRs - Tucker, Watkins
DL - Montford, Perry
LBs - Grace, Eiben
DBs - Karikari, Morgan
K - DeAngelis

Thanks again, guys!

OKay This Week I'm Only Going To Pick Players That Are Actually Going To Play. A Good Logic I Think

R. Ray
H. Burris

C. Roberts
J. Reynolds

J. Copeland
J. Tucker

J. Montford
A. Stewart

K. Eiban
M. Fletcher

A. Smith (Toronto)
W. Lysak

N. Prefontain

QB- Ray, Calvillo
RB- Davis, Edwards
WR- Tucker, Copeland
DL- Montford, Walls
LB- Mobley, Clark
DB- Wiltshire, Miles

QB R. Ray, A. Calvillo
RB C. Roberts, J. Reynolds
WR Arland Bruce, Nik. Lewis
DL Mountford, Phillion
LB J. Grace, K. Eiban
DB A. Smith (Tor) W. Lysack
K. N. Prefontaine

QB - Ricky Ray
QB - Damon Allen
RB - Troy davis
RB - Antonio Warren
WR - Jason Tucker
WR - Robert Baker
DL - Joe Montford
DL - Brent Johnson
LB - Kevin Eiben
LB - Barrin Simpson
DB - Malcolm Frank
DB - Almondo Curry
K - Sean Fleming

QB – Calvillo
QB – Allen
RB – Edwards
RB – Davis
SB – Cahoon
SB – Bruce
PK – DeAngelis
DL – Montford
DL – Philion
LB – Grace
LB – Eiben
DB – Karikari, MTL
DB – Lysack, CGY

QB - Anthony Calvillo (Mtl)
QB - Kevin Glenn (Wpg)
HB - Robert Edwards (Mtl)
HB - Charles Roberts (Wpg)
WR - Kerry Watkins (Mtl)
SB - Jeremaine Copeland (Cgy)
DL - Ed Philion (Mtl)
DL - Brent Johnson (BC)
LB - John Grace (Cgy)
LB - George White (Cgy)
DB - Richard Karikari (Mtl)
DB - Donnie Brady (Edm)
K - Damon Duval (Mtl)

QB - Clavilo
QB - Crandell
RB - Roberts
RB - Edwards
Rec - Clermont
Rec - Watkins
DL - Johnson
DL - Philion
LB - Hunt
LB - Grace
DB - Morgan
DB - Brady
K - Deangelis

QB: Allen and Calvillo
RB; Roberts and Reynolds
SB/WR: Cahoon and Bruce
DL: Brown and Philion
LB: Eiben and Grace
DB: Wiltshire and Karikari
K: DeAngelis

QB Calvillo Mon
QB Allen Tor
RB Roberts Win
RB Reynolds Cal
WR Watkins Mon
WR Tucker Edm
DL Stewart Mon
DL Perry Sask
LB Grace Cal
LB Eiben Tor
DB Karikari Mon
DB Ivory Tor
K Duval Mon

Calvillo (Mon)
Allen (Tor)
Edwards (Mon)
Davis (Edm)
Watkins (Mon)
Bruce (Tor)
Montford (Edm)
A. Stewart (Mon)
Butler (Mon)
Jonhson (Mon)
Karikari (Mon)
Sanchez (Edm)
Duval (Mon)


QB's: Burris (Cal), Ray (Edm)
RB's: Reynolds (Cal), Davis (Edm)
WR's: Tucker (Edm), Copeland (Cal)
DL: Stewart (Mtl) Montford (Edm)
LB: Eiben (Tor) Gass (Edm)
DB: Malveaux (Mtl), Lysack (Cal)
K: Duval (Mtl)

QBs: Calvillo & Ray
RBS: Edwards & Roberts
WRS: Cahoon & Watkins
DL: Phillion & Montford
LB: Butler & Strickland
DB: Karikari & Durden
K: Duval

Here are my picks, I look to rebound after a dismal 4th last finish

QB: Anthony Calvillo (MON)
QB: Damon Allen (TOR)
RB: Robert Edwards (MON)
RB: Charles Robers (WPG)
WR: Jermaine Copeland (CGY)
WR: Milt Stegall (WPG)
DL: Fred Perry (SK)
DL: Gavin Walls (WPG)
LB: Mike O'Shea(TOR)
LB: Scott Coe (CGY)
DB: Richard Karikari (MON)
DB:Omar Morgan (SK)
P/K:Damon Duval (MON)