CFL Fantasy Huddle Week Se7en

Since I keep on going down in the standing, I'll try to reverse things up by posting my picks backward.

P/K - Duncan O'Mahony (BC)
DB - Almondo Curry (Mtl)
DB - Omar Evans (Wpg)
LB - John Grace (Cgy)
LB - Reggie Hunt (Ssk)
DL - Demetrious Maxie (Cgy)
DL - Joe Montford (Edm)
WR/SB - Terry Vaughn (Mtl)
WR/SB - Jason Clermont (BC)
HB - Troy Davis (Hml)
HB - Charles Roberts (Wpg)
QB - Henry "Turnover" Burris (Cgy)
QB - Dave Dickenson (BC)

QB Anthony Calvillo (Mon)
QB Ricky Ray (Edm)
RB Edwards(Mon)
RB Davis(Ham)
SB Terry Vaughn (Mon)
SB Ben Cahoon (Mon)
DL Megna(Mon)
DL Joe Montford (Edm)
LB Tim Strickland (Mon)
LB Duane Butler(Mon)
DB Curry(Mon)
DB Davis Sanchez (Edm)
K Fleming (Edm)


I Was Oridginally Going To Pick Mostly The Same Players As 3rd & 10 Witch Would Be A Bad Move Cause The Two Of Us Are Always Near The Bottom Of The Standing Each We So I'm Going To Try And Pick Mostly The Opposite And See How That Works.

R. Ray
H. Burris

J. Ranek
J. Reynolds

J. Tucker
J. Armstead

E. Philion
J. Montford

AJ Gass
J. Grace

W. Lysack
R. Hitchcock

D. O'Mahony

i ask people dont just pick the same players as other people...if i find too many people have the same teams, i am gonna ask people to PM their posts...which would be a huge inconvenience for me

Why would you ask people to PM you there pics???I dont see the big deal in them having there players the same. Your probably gonna get it either way.

i would ask them to PM their picks to me so that others dont see what players they have picked, and just copy their roster..and when that happens then it just takes some fun outta it if someone is ahead of you, they just copy your roster, and then they stay ahead of you.

Hmmm. . .it would have never occurred to me to do that. Maybe I'm too honest? Seriously - I don't think it's really a problem. I don't even look at who others pick before I pick my own - I select my team, submit it, then look at who others have after.

Yeah... like that darn UglyandHasty who copied my Almondo Curry pick...

U&H is just about to discover that it doesn't serve you well to copy my picks.

Bamboo, you were very wise not to fall for it!

That being said Eskmios32001, I think people wouldn't post any different picks would they PM them to you. I just think it would bring participation down. With a dynamic thread we are reminded to post picks often.

i certainly hope it doesnt come to me doing that, but i just put it out there for you guys not to do that....i've seen a few posts that are copy and pastes of other's picks...same typos, same format, same everything...just a warning

yeah have people pm their picks starting next week, i like making my picks private so no one copys its a great idea, so are you going to do it that way, because im going to PM you my picks for now on starting next week, ok?

it is a huge hassle for me...i suggest you dont, but if you are insecure, you can PM them to me and i will post them in the thread after kickoff

Well that sucks, I was going to copy R&W's picks for the rest of the season and taunt him.

QB Dickeson EDM
RB Reynolds CAL
RB RanekOtt
SB Tucker Edm
SB Clermont BC
DL Jeanty Edm
DL Jurineack Sask
LB Grace Cal
LB Hunt Sask
DB Banks Ott
DB Fields Win
K Deangelis Cal


great mind think alike, i never watch others peeps pick, list is too long and i'm too lazy :mrgreen:

Eskimos32001 i have special favor to ask. Can i make the next few weeks picks in advance, and you could post them in my place if i dont show up (or i can ask someone else if its too much work)? Thing is my wife is about to give birth to our first son within the next 2 weeks. So i may disapear from circulation for at least a month without time to give notice. I would appreciate, so my whole season would'nt go down the drain. Thanks.

no problem UglyandHasty, just PM your picks to me for however many weeks....just be sure to label them, and congrats on your child

Ricky Ray
Kerry Joseph
Kenton Keith
Troy Davis (Hamilton's RB)
Geroy Simon
Jason Tucker
Anthony Collier
Joe Montford
Rashad?? Jeanty
Micheal Fletcher
Korey Banks
Eddie Davis
Paul McCallum

whew...with the site down for a while I wasn't sure I'd be able to get these in by kickoff!


um…Dr.Rise…i think everyone knows Troy is hamilton’s RB, but thanks for clarifying i guess, and yes…Jeanty first name is Rashad

qb's - burris, joseph
rb's - ranek, kieth
rec. - j clermont, j french,
dl's - maxie, collier
lb's - hunt, grace
db's - morgan, banks
kicker - d'angelis

QBS: Ray and Calvillo
RBS: Keith and Reynolds
WRS: Cahoon and Tucker
DL: Stewart and Jeanty
LB: Butler and Strickland
DB: Curry and KariKari
K: Duval