CFL Fantasy Huddle Week Se7en

here ya go...

looks like we are finally getting some big scores. keep up the good work guys

Man, I'm depressed. All the guys I abandon start racking up points the following week. I've picked Ottawa defensive back Banks two or three weeks in a row without getting good numbers. I dropped him this week, and he had 6 tackles one forced fumble and one interception. I also dropped Dave Dickenson.

And I picked O'shea instead of Fletcher, who was my original choice. O'Shea did nothing and Fletcher racked tackles, a sack and a pick.

I should become the huddle's mercenary: You can pay me so I will pick the guys you wan't to see underperform.

i think i did pretty good this week! and i still have players left that play tonight!

That's OKay 3rd And Ten, I Picked M. Frank Assuming That Danny Mac Would Throw A Few Interceptions And Go Figgure Frank Bearly Makes One Tackle Before Having To Leave The Game Due To Injury And One The Very Next Play The Guy Who Replaced Him Gets A Pick.

I know... I had Frank too, lol!

numbers wise..Frank had 3 tackles, and he got 10 points for the esks giving up 30 pts., so he still had a 40 pt. day, only a lil below average for DB...DBs dont get alot of pts. i was thinking of adding points for knockdowns

Yeah Week 7 (notice I got the week rite this time :mrgreen: )

QB's - Ricky Ray and Dave Dickenson
RB's - Troy Davis and Charles Roberts
WR's/SB's - Jason Tucker and Jermaine Copeland
DL - Rashad Jeanty and Anthony Collier
LB's - Agustin Barrenechea and Signor Mobley
DB's - Kelly Wiltshire and Richard Karikari
K - Jamie Boreham


Man, i was really not very good week 6 man if i dont have a good week 7, i might aswell quit!

KariKari (Montreal)

QB – Calvillo, MTL
QB – Ray, EDM
RB – Reynolds, CAL
RB – Ranek, OTT
SB – Thelwell, BC
SB – Lewis, CAL
PK - DeAngelis, CAL
DL – Maxie, CAL
DL – Montford, EDM
LB – Grace, CAL
LB – Mobley, EDM
DB – Wiltshire, EDM
DB – Miles, BC

......Thanks 32001, you're the man.......

QB- Ricky Ray EDM, Anthony Calvillo MTL
RB- Joffrey Reynolds CGY, Josh Ranek OTT
WR- Jason Tucker EDM, Nik Lewis CGY
DL- Joe Montford EDM, Rashad Jeanty EDM
LB- John Grace CGY, Agustin Barrenechea HAM
DB- Donny Brady EDM, Willie Fields WPG
K- Sandro DeAngelis CGY

Ricky Ray
Kerry Joseph
Charles Roberts
Josh Ranek
Jason Tucker
Jermaine Copeland
John Grace
Reggie Hunt
Davin Bush
Kelly Wiltshire
Damon Duval

Hmm. . .maybe I can do a little better this week?

QBs - Ray, Joseph
RBs - Ranek, Reynolds
WR/SBs - Tucker, Copeland
DL - Collier, Montford
LBs - Mobley, Grace
DBs - Wiltshire, Miles
K - DeAngelis

Hmmm, last weeks darts worked good...Here we go again.....

QB Ray & Dickenson
RB Reynolds & Ranek
WR Tucker & Lewis
DL Mountford & Maxie
LB Grace & Mobely
DBs Miles & Wiltshire
K DeAngelis

QB: Dickinson and Ray
RB: Ranek and Holmes
WR/SB: Cahoon and Copeland
LB: Hunt and Kidd
DL: Canada and Montford
DB: Wiltshire and Malveaux
K: Westwood

Hey Eskimos could ya change Geroy Simon to Jermaine Copeland for me (ive heard Simon isnt playing) weather thats true or not oh well still put Copeland up there plz and thx for doing this its a lot of fun

Ricky Ray (Edmonton)
Anthony Calvillo (Montreal)

Troy Davis (Hamilton)
Kenton Keith (Saskatchewan)

Jason Tucker (Edmonton)
Ben Cahoon (Montreal)

[u]Defensive Line[/u]
Joe Montford (Edmonton)
Anthony Collier (Ottawa)

Singor Mobley (Edmonton)
Carl Kidd (BC Lions)

[u]Defensive Backs[/u]
Donny Brady (Edmonton)
William Fields (Winnipeg)

Sean Fleming (Edmonton)

Sean's gotta break out of his slump sometime! Let's go Esks!!

AND.. yes you should make points for knockdowns.

like i said last week ticats fan 86, just edit your own post

Ok well its edited sorry about the confusion.

QB- Callivo, Mtl
QB – Ray, EDM
RB – Reynolds, CAL
RB – Ranek, OTT
SB – Thelwell, BC
SB – Cahoon, Mtl
PK - Duval, Mtl
DL – Maxie, CAL
DL – Montford, EDM
LB – Grace, CAL
LB – Mobley, EDM
DB – Wiltshire, EDM
DB – Miles, BC