CFL Fantasy Huddle Week One

okay, this is for real now…for those who want to be in…PM me.

this is how it goes. pick you fantasy huddle:

2 QBs
2 RBs
2 WR?SBs
2 DL
2 LB
2 DB
1 K

points sytem is as follows:


1 point per rushing / passing yard
1 point for every second passing yard
50 points per touchdown
-10 points per fumble
-25 points per INT thrown


5 points per tackle
20 points per sack
25 poits per INT
20 points per fumble recovery
50 points per touchdown
40 points for team shutout (minus one point for every point scored against)

i will have the stats this time so dont worry about it R&W

This Week’s Matchups

Hamilton @ Montreal
Ottawa @ Edmonton
BC @ Toronto
Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan

QBs-Greene and Calvio
RBs-Ranek and Davis
WR/SBs-Clermont and Vaughn
DL-Fleming and Philion
LB-Mobley and Kralt
DB-Curry and Malveaux.. ya two MTL DBs
K/P-Prefontaine... how is kicking done?

this is hard when you don't know many players... gonna get better over the season hopefully



Field Goal (under 50 yards) 30 points
Field Goal (over and including 50 yards ) 40 points
Single Point 10 points

QB – Anthony Calvillo (Mtl)
QB – Ricky Ray (Edm)
RB – Josh Ranek (Ott)
RB – Charles Roberts (Wpg)
WR/SB – Ben Cahoon (Mtl)
WR/SB – Jason Clermont (BC)
DL – Terrell Jurineack (Ssk)
DL – Anwar Stewart (Mtl)
LB – John Grace (Cgy)
LB – Kevin Eiben (Tor)
DB – Malcolm Frank (Edm)
DB – Santino Hall (Ssk)
K – Noel Prefontaine (Tor)

I like better this scoring system Eskimos32001. What I really disliked in the former one was that blocks of yardage were rewarded. So a QB with 50 yards passing was rewarded the same way than one with 99.

By the way, I think you meant:

1 point per rushing/receiving yard
1 point for every second passing yard

Am I correct?

Don't forget to add Leo's picks and Ticats_Fan_86's picks (in ... 9&start=15 ) just in case they don't post it twice.

Just a thought: are there any points for a Safety and a Safety conceded?

ya, that shold be receiving yards, and for safeties, there's too many ways of aquiring a safety, so no.

Here Are My Picks, I Hope I Do Better Then The Preseason.

A. Calvio
N. Greene

A. Warren
K. Keith

B. Cahoon
J. Clermont

E. Philion
N. Davis

R. Hunt
M. O'Shea

M. Frank
R. Karikari

N. Prefontain

Ive Gotta say i like your way of a points system more Eskimos32001and thx for the worrys thirdandten but i got it and im posting my players here as well for week 1 here they are again lol
QB's - Kerry Joseph and Kasey Printers (hope he starts lol)
RB's - Troy Davis and Josh Ranek
WR/SB's - Craig Yeast and Jason Clermont
DL - Joe Montford and Joe Flemming
LB's - Singor Mobley and Kevin Eiben
DB's - Malcolm Frank and Wayne Shaw
K - Pail McCallum
one question can we change our picks every week if we wish??

new picks every week.

Are we only four players? Eskimos32001, you should post your picks as well, because it'll look suspect if you do good after week one and nobody saw your choices before...

You are playing too, right?

I'm in
QB Anthony Calvillo MTL
QB Ricky Ray EDM
RB Kenton Keith SSK
RB Josh Ranek OTT
WR Jeremaine Copeland CAL
WR Matt Dominguez SSK
WR Sylvain Girard MTL
SB Ben Cahoon MTL
SB Jason Clermont BC
PK Noel Prefontaine TOR

Here are my picks:

QB Anthony Calvillo
QB Dave Dickenson (Ricky Ray if these don't change weekly)
RB Kenton Keith
RB Charles Roberts
WR/SB Ben Cahoon
WR/SB Terry Vaughn
DL Anwar Stewart
DL Eric England
LB Duane Butler
LB Keven Eiben
DB Almondo Curry
DB Clifford Ivory
K Noel Prefontaine

Good Luck everyone else and may the best Als fan win. (Just kidding)

ro1313, read the rules ! You can’t have 5 WR/SB… you need defensive guys! :smiley:

Really? New picks every week?
Well your game your rules but if it were up to me I would say same picks all season except for maybe 1 trade in week 10.
This way bragging right would really mean something.
But again your game your rules

Als_all_the_way, I wanted to pick Duane Butler too. He's too f*king awesome. But he missed so many weeks last year that I was afraid to see him go down to an injury.

Oops I didnt read the post I just coppied my pickes from another game :oops:
Lets go with this one

QB Anthony Calvillo MTL
QB Ricky Ray EDM
RB Kenton Keith SSK
RB Josh Ranek OTT
WR Jeremaine Copeland CAL
SB Ben Cahoon MTL
PK Noel Prefontaine TOR
LB Mike O'shea
LB Kevin Eiben
DL Ed Phillion
DL Joe Monford
DB Amondo Curry
I hope I got it right


It's a risk/reward pick with Butler. He has the potential for so many turnovers that I am willing to take the chance on a couple of lost games.

One question, are there any points for forced fumbles?

2nd question, when you say that there are 40 points for a shutout, do they go to the def players on our roster that belong to that team? And if so, does that mean that we go -1 point for every point scored against our DEF player's respective teams in any given week?

points against will be awarded to each individual player, for example, if one of your defensive players teams' has zero points against....thats 40 points....7 points against would therefore be 33 points towards you rplayer.

if you have two DEF players from the same team, each will be awarded points against points. points against points will be refreshed every week, so if one DEF players got 27 points for PA last week, he will not start at 27 the next week, he would start with 40.

no points for forced fumbles.

QB - Calvillo MTL
QB - Dickenson BC
RB - Roberts WPG
RB - Keith SSK
SB - Cahoon MTL
SB - Clermont BC
PK - McCallum, SSK
DL - Philion MTL
DL - Montford EDM
LB - KIdd BC
LB - Carter HAM
DB - Wiltshire EDM
DB - Shaw HAM

lol.. you are almost there, pal! You need one more DB. Don't give up! :smiley: