CFL Fantasy Huddle Week Nine

the starting esks RB....he played the first three games and last one against BC, injured his back, has been out of lineup

Ya i found all that out lol thx anyways though.

QB- Joseph
QB- Ray
RB- Roberts
RB- Reynolds
WR- Tucker
WR- Stala
DL- Canada
DL- Montford
LB- Eiben
LB- Grace
DB- Lysack
DB- Fields
K- Desangelis

QB- Damon Allen (Tor)
QB- Dave Dickenson (BC)
HB- Robert Edwards (Mtl)
HB- Blink Roberts (Wpg)
SB/WR- Ryan Thelwell (BC)
SB/WR- Geroy Simon (BC)
DL- Marc Megna (Mtl)
DL- Anwar Stewart (Mtl)
LB- Duane Butler (Mtl)
LB- Agustin Barrenechea (Hml)
DB- Richard Karikari (Mtl)
DB- Malcolm Frank (Edm)
K/P- Dave Stala ! (Mtl)… Ahr… ok, ok… Sandro DeAngelis, then (Cgy)


Calvillo MTL
Dickenson BC
Edwards MTL
Ranek OTT
Stala MTL
Tucker EDM
Stewart MTL
Johnson BC
Butler MTL
Strickland MTL
Chapman MTL
Banks OTT
Duval MTL

Dickenson BC
Ray Edm
Warren BC
Ranek Ott
Simon BC
Mitchell Edm
Collier Ott
Johnson BC
Simpson BC
Eiben Tor
Washington BC
Banks Ott
Duval Mon

QB-Dave Dickenson(B.C.) Ricky Ray(Edmonton)
RB- Charles Roberts (Winnipeg) Antonio Warren(B.C.)
WR/SB- Jason Tucker(Edmonton) Geroy Simon(B.C.)
DL- Anthony Collier(Ottawa) Joe Montford(Edmonton)
LB- Kevin Eiben(Toronto) Michael Fletcher(Toronto)
DB- Korey Banks(Ottawa) Davis Sanchez(Edmonton)
P/K- Sandro DeAngelis (Calgary)

Kerry Joseph
Dave Dickenson
Charles Roberts
Antonio Warren
Geroy Simon
Jason Tucker
Joe Montford
Tom Canada
Rob Hitchcock
D'Wayne Taylor
Korey Banks
Davis Sanchez
Sandro DeAngelis

QB Anthony Calvillo (Mon)
QB Kerry Joseph (Ott)
RB Edwards(Mon)
RB J. Ranek(Ott)
SB Terry Vaughn (Mon)
SB Sylvain Girard (Mon)
DL Megna(Mon)
DL A. Stewart (Mon)
LB Tim Strickland (Mon)
LB Duane Butler(Mon)
DB Curry(Mon)
DB R. Karikari (Mon)
K Duval (Mon)

whole crap you picked you picked almost every player from montreal, thats 11 players from montreal, 2 from ottowa, and thats it how!

So what ? What problem is it for you ?

nothing, im just saying that thats alot, hope you score big this week especially edwards, i picked him too, he should have another good week!

Let's just say i know i wont win the season Fantasy Huddle with a team pick mostly from Montreal players. But from week one, i try to pick mostly Als players just for the fun of it. Lets call this participation with no expectation :mrgreen:

Week 9 picks, here we go

QB's: Calvillo, Dickenson
RB's: Warren (BC), Ranek (OTT)
WR's: Simon (BC), Armstead (OTT)
DL: Haywood (OTT), Cotton (Ham)
LB: Hebert (OTT), Simpson (BC)
DB: Miles (BC), Curry (Mtl)
K: Duval (Mtl)

QB- Joseph
QB- Dickenson
RB- Warren
RB- Ranek
WR- Flick
WR- Tucker
DL- Montford
DL- Canada
LB- Eiben
LB- Grace
DB- Sanchez
DB- Miles
K- DesAngelis

sorry about the results again guys...hope to finish them tonight, but things keep coming up

ha, i was the only 1 to pick henry burris this week and he trows for 303 yards 2 TDs and runs for 96 yards and 1 TD thats some good numbers for a guy that one one else picked!

…32001 is off consulting with his pastor on whether entertaining your picks is akin to teasing the mentally handicapped…he’s a righteous lad who feels badly for keeping your hopes alive…

Special note to 32001 and Red and White: Thanks to both of you. I see you got my message 32001, and thank you for getting my back in case 32001 missed the message, Red and White. Yes, I was away. I left last Sunday and just got back today. Thanks again, gentlemen. Much appreciated.